Theresa May Fails With a Paul Ryanesque Agenda, Will the GOP Listen?

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Theresa May took her party down to defeat last night in the United Kingdom general election. It is now confirmed that she will have to make a coalition with another party (DUP) or group of parties in order to form a government.

The only person who could have done worse with such an eminently winnable election would be Hillary Clinton. Theresa May took a massive lead in the polls and managed, through corruption, idiocy, and a complete inability to see why the British people voted for them in the first place, to destroy her lead and end up LOSING 12 net seats to other parties. This was the election where she was forecasted to win 20-60 seats for her new conservative majority.

Theresa May handed the left, represented by the communists in the Labour party, a massive victory last night. Jeremy Corbyn was on the way to irrelevancy and isolation. He was driving the party into the ground with his insanity. Theresa May’s utter suckage breathed new life into Labour.

This is a shocking development and a huge wakeup call for the parties on the right spectrum of the political divide.

What did Theresa May come to represent?

  • Austerity for citizens, not for foreigners
  • Nationalist in speech, Open Borders in practice
  • Neoconservative inspired ideas to combat terrorism by destroying citizen freedoms
  • Failure to recognize islam as a clear and present danger to the UK and the world at large
  • The other guys are worse!!!!111!11!

These are some of the very same core values that the American political elite culture shares with the United Kingdom and the world in general. The most prominent member representing this group within the Republican party is the speaker of the House Paul Ryan. His viewpoint has been echoed across the entirety of the Republican party for years now.

It was Paul Ryan who suggested the controversial cuts to the military, social security, tax increases through fees, etc. and other things… all the while supporting the big business desire for amnesty for illegal aliens. Theresa May decided it would be good politics to raise taxes on the elderly and other citizens right before the election, of course while still handing out benefits to as many refugees as she could find.

It was Paul Ryan who said the walls around his complex (home) are needed to protect his family, but the wall that President Trump proposed was not “who we are.” Just like the environment the Tories allowed to foster in the UK, “build bridges, not walls,” was the mantra.

It was Paul Ryan who shepherded the Patriot Act back though Congress with nearly no changes to the underlying disastrous issues that the original massive privacy and civil liberties’ crushing bill created. Most of the wiretapping scandals that have come out over the last few years came as a result of passing and continually reauthorizing the provisions of that bill. The FISA court is how we got Obama spying on and wiretapping Trump, in the name of “national security.” Theresa May also wanted to destroy the privacy of her citizens in order to pretend to do something about terrorists. She proposed eliminating all encryption within the United Kingdom’s internet, essentially creating a separate internet for the UK. Another great idea to put forth right before an election.

It was Paul Ryan who attacked Trump relentlessly during the campaign and afterwards on Trump’s questioning of islam’s finest. Just in the same way Theresa May refused to address islam and its role in the repeated terrorist attacks upon her country. She may as well have come out and told her people that the attacks are just part of daily life now and “my political correctness trumps your right to a safe environment to live your life.”

That last one is the most important one. Theresa May essentially forfeited the government’s number one reason to exist, the common defense of the population. Theresa May prefers the free for all shooting gallery provided for her islamic “guests” rather than risk being seen as promoting the dreaded thoughts against the politically approved speech from the left. She would rather her fellow countrymen die than commit the dreaded heresy known as the “hate speech.” She presented leadership that was more concerned over the feelings of foreign born “refugees” than she was over the lives of her countrymen.


Why is it Important that the GOP Learn from this Defeat?

The GOP has to understand that they represent the people of the United States in their districts and states. They are not there to please the “friends” from across the aisle in the House and Senate. The “friends” are more than happy to kill and destroy them in order to win at all costs.

The GOP are in for a rude awakening if they continue to let the Democrats run roughshod over them in the cultural and political spheres. They still have refused to learn from the victories that Trump achieved over them and the Hillary-Democrat-Media machine and have all but demanded to be put back into their pre-approved box given to them by the left.

The left in the United States has to be looking at this victory by the left in the UK with great interest. Jeremy Corbyn has proven that he didn’t have to move to the center to win. He has governed like he has always done, from the extreme left. He didn’t have to do a thing because the leadership on the right ceded the territory to him willingly. The conservatives/tories in the UK failed in the leadership game and they failed to govern in a significantly different way from those in Labour.

The average citizen in the UK wants the Brexit to happen. The Tories have been stringing them along for years on this now. Theresa May arrogantly assumed that the voter, who has seen her horrible leadership continue to fail them over and over, would vote her in a larger majority. She was, like that Obama loving twit David Cameron before her, a remain backer who wanted the UK to stay on as part of the globalist inclined, Babylonesque superstate the elites fondly call the European Union. She fiddled at Number 10 Downing Street while the European Union schemed new ways to “punish” the United Kingdom for daring to vote to leave.

Even after Article 50 was declared, the Labor party and the rest of the likeminded national suiciders on the left demanded that they remain in the “single market” in the European Union, along with the other “benefits” it provides. The European oligarchs are more than happy to remind the Brits that membership in the “single market” requires the host country to accept certain rules and regulations, which include acceptance of immigration policies.

We can be sure that when the voters voted for the Brexit, they were thinking that it was going to be a nonbinding resolution that won’t actually change anything (that was sarcasm for those of you in Rio Linda). Of course, when the voter sees the party that assumed the mantle of the Brexit screwing up one thing after another, they are not likely to reward the leadership of that party an even stronger majority in representatives.

Unfortunately, after the massive slap in the face the voters delivered to Theresa May’s party, it is likely to result in a greatly reduced chance for an actual change in the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom. It will embolden the Tory traitors to the UK within the party to proclaim the Brexit to be dead and that concessions to the EU must be made. David Davis already has flown the French national flag:

Matthew Holehouse on Twitter

Huge: David Davis concedes UK government may have lost mandate to exit customs union and single market (Sky, 2.30am).

Just like in the 2012 aftermath of the GOP establishment’s humiliating defeat of the 57,000 point plan touting wonder boy Romney Ryan geek squad, the Tories are now panicking and en mass defecting to the left’s positions. This is because they never believed in the positions they took to begin with. The chief example being Theresa May and her pack of cronies. Theresa May halfheartedly fought for the Brexit, and she shot herself in the head repeatedly on her way to the new majority. She for some reason envisioned that it would magically make all her and her cabinet’s incompetence in herding cats go away by having sheer numbers on her side.

The Romney Ryan followers believed that free market trading with third world dictatorships, open borders, tax code, and being nice to islam was the winning ticket. Theresa May demonstrated, yet again, how being out of touch with the voter who doesn’t give a crap about being nice and cucked for islam or refuses to get excited for the tax code changes for the rich donors, doesn’t gain votes.

The GOP has an obligation to get the voters to vote for them, not for for them because “the Democrats are worse!111!!1!!” Voters are not that ideological, the party in power is either working, or they’re not.

The GOP needs to stop worrying about the Democrats, stop worrying about what the media is going to say about them, and implement the agenda the voters wanted passed when they voted in a majority of states to install Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.  Or the Democrats WILL win and the signs were here first with the United Kingdom general election.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.

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