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Steve Scalise and the ghoulish hubris of the Democrats

Are these people even human? I’m beginning to doubt that. Not even 24 hours after a deranged, evil, previously-documented-violent Democrat viciously guns down the House Majority Whip, Nancy Pelosi and her Nazi SS troops are blaming Trump and the GOP for this shooting and somehow claiming that it was an attack ‘on all of us.’ Nancy Pelosi actually danced on Scalise’s grave, calling him ‘dead’ even though he’s clinging to life by a thread.  Filthy ghoul.  What’s next, accusing rape victims of ‘dressing too slutty?’

And then there’s Bernie Sanders. The man who inspired the attack by calling for a revolution and encouraging violence in his campaign videos. The man who was arrested decades ago for violent protests.  The man who immediately after the terrorist attack came out and PRETENDED that he’s against violence.  He’s responsible for incitement. He needs to be arrested and made an example of.

What an absolutely disgusting, subhuman bunch. These aren’t people, they’re clumps of human tissue.  Sound familiar?  It’s no wonder they don’t give two shits about Scalise.  They’re the same people who laugh about selling baby parts and make jokes about being able to use the profits to buy Lamborghinis.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

I’m no medical doctor, and I’ve never had anything worse than outpatient surgery (which was bad enough), so I can’t even fathom what Steve Scalise is going through right now, not to mention what his family is going through right now. But if I was a member of his family and heard what Pelosi said, I’d be looking to cold-cock that nasty ghoul the next time I saw her. Of course, she’s usually so drunk that she wouldn’t feel it anyway.

Back to Scalise. He’s having to undergo three major surgeries for the damage that SKS bullet did to his pelvis and organs. I was lying in bed trying to imagine the pain he must be in. I don’t know if he’s even conscious at all. Are they keeping him sedated for the duration? I wouldn’t want to wake up until it was over. The pain would be unbearable.  And then what prognosis does he have? Will he ever walk again?  Scalise was clearly an active guy.  All that’s been taken away from him, assuming he lives through this.  And the Democrats want to score political points on this?

My response is, “Go straight to hell.  Do not pass Go, do not collect any more taxes.”

Sean Hannity, you have lost my respect for saying Bernie Sanders is not responsible. You knuckled under to political correctness. You have failed the American people. We deserve JUSTICE.  We are being SHOT AT BY THESE PEOPLE!

I have no more compassion left to give. I have no more quarter left. No more tolerance. No more understanding. No more tears. I only have anger in my heart today for these vermin. It’s time for us, as Barack Obama once said, to punch back twice as hard. The GOP needs to get off their collective couches and CONDEMN the Democrats (and particularly Bernie Sanders) and the entire marxist nation for this. And they need to continue to do so until we the people say it’s enough.

No sooner.

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