The Pupu Files – Megyn Kelly – Not ready for Prime Time

Pu:  Rubbish, welcome to the Pupu Files!. You are the first guest we have ever had here.

Rubbish:  Glad to be here. Now where do I pick up my check?

Pu:  You pick it up in the Green Room. It is the green bread in the form of a check, and the green water, courtesy of NWC.  He does not pay us real money…. too busy hiding his profits from the Sparta Store.

Rubbish:  So why am I here?

Pu:  Moving on…….Rubbish, did you watch the Megyn “MeAgain” Kelly program Sunday night?

Rubbish:  You know I can’t stand that lying liberal…(beep)….but I bet you watched it!

Pu:  Mais oui!   But of course! I took one for the team again.  Lost a ton of brain cells and a few more IQ points because of it though.

Rubbish:  Given that you have so few left, you need to quit doing things that kill off more.

Pu:  Tell that to Fossten……..he gives me these assignments.

Rubbish:  What were your impressions of her new program?

Pu:  The program was nothing more than an attempt to duplicate 60 Minutes. Same format as 60 Minutes with three segments hosted by different people. The “draw” was MeAgain, a pretty pathetic draw at that.

Rubbish:  Omg, that bad?  Doesn’t NBC ever have original ideas?

Pu:  Not only that bad, but far worse.  Ratings proved just how much of a failure she was.

Rubbish:  I saw the ratings and could do nothing but laugh about it. She came in 3rd place, behind the NBA Finals game and a rerun of 60 Minutes!  A rerun beat her!

What is worse is that this was a “Premiere” for the show, with probably the second most powerful political figure in the world who was the subject of a huge controversy, and she could only come in third.

Stick a fork in her, MeAgain is done.

Pu:  The second episode Sunday night was even worse! Her viewership dropped 42 percent from her first show.

Rubbish:  WOW!!!  So what else did you come up with?

Pu:  First, you might remember that all last week, the media bombarded people on the internet with the photo of MeAgain sitting with Putin and others, dressed in her black cocktail dress……

Rubbish:  Yeah, she did look like “trailer trash”, definitely NOT professional. What about it?

Pu:  None of that was in the show. It was all sit down with Putin only, and MeAgain in white slacks!

Rubbish:  Say WOT?

Wait a moment……that means there were two interviews done, one with Putin only and one with the others. Why did NBC only preview the photos in MeAgain’s little black Lewinsky dress and not the “real” interview with Putin?

Pu:  You raise a very good question. We can only speculate on the answer, but some of it may have been to draw attention to MeAgain and get people to watch. Maybe they think a trashy MeAgain works. If so, that was a failure.

Rubbish:  Sure was with those ratings. What else do you have? How did the interview go?

Pu:  Aah, the interview. Let me use different words to describe it.

Pathetic, sad, incompetent, lousy, poor, underwhelming. MeAgain was totally outclassed by Putin and it came across that way.

Rubbish:  Was MeAgain just not prepared for the interview?

Pu:  She thought she was prepared, but Putin is just too experienced for her. She went in expecting one thing, and got another. Putin took her to school and spanked her.

Rubbish:  She probably loved the spanking, especially with some of the outfits she wears.

Pu:  To begin, we have to consider this. These shows are “edited” to provide the best results for the interviewer. Put the interviewer in the best light, and show the guest in the worst light. So the show is edited to accomplish just that goal.

MeAgain’s editing did not do anything like that. It was MeAgain asking a question and Putin responding, then an obvious edit to a new question. This meant that MeAgain had no adequate response to question Putin, or Putin “hammered” her, so everything else was edited out to hide the fact.

This happened time and again with every question.

Rubbish:  Wow!!! So she really was that bad!  What else?

Pu:  From the very start, MeAgain tried to tie Trump to Putin. It began with her asking if Putin had anything on Trump. His reply was “nonsense”, and then ultimately Putin asked “have you all lost your minds over there?”  Then edit and move on….

Rubbish:  Ouch! That must have hurt her ego. First Donald, and then Putin.

She was probably left bleeding from wherever. Déjà vu all over again…..

Pu:  Each time MeAgain tried to make Trump look guilty of something, Putin would rebuke her, usually in insulting or condescending tones, like

“Do you even understand what you’re asking?” He would also glare, snort, and perform other acts while MeAgain was speaking. In short, he was showing his complete disapproval of her.

Obviously, MeAgain had no idea how to respond. She could not control the narrative so selective editing occurred.

Rubbish: Did she ask anything non Trump related?

Pu:  Nothing at all. Nothing about the Clinton’s, the uranium sales, or anything else. Nothing about Podesta’s lobbying firm taking money from Russia. Nothing of importance revealed at all.

Rubbish: So it was all an attempt to tie Trump to Russian…………a hatchet job.

Hmmm……….now it make sense with the upcoming Alex Jones (Infowars) interview. She will try and tie Jones and his wacko supporters to Trump.

Pu:  Probably so. Have you seen the response to that interview, and it doesn’t even air until Father’s Day!

Rubbish: Oh yeah! She is getting hammered on it! And by libs all complaining about her interviewing Jones.

JP Morgan Chase was so disgusted with her that they pulled their advertising for the show. And Sandy Hook’s annual Promise Champions Gala on June 14 in Washington D.C. has pulled her from hosting the gala.

Pu:  Kathy Griffin all over.

Rubbish:  Yep, and NBC just lost 15 million dollars on that contract. Time to find a new Morning Host for their 9 am slot and someone for Sunday night.

Pu:  Guess MeAgain’s 15 minutes of fame have expired…..and it is about time.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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