The Pupu Files – Megyn bombs again!

Welcome to the newest Pupu Files report on Megyn Kelly (MeAgain).

P. T. Barnum once said that “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”  Brendan Behan said that “There is no such thing as bad publicity, unless it is your own obituary.”

Congratulations go out to Megyn Kelly for proving both Barnum and Behan wrong.

Results are in from the MeAgain interview of Alex Jones. After two weeks of publicity about the looming interview, MeAgain FAILED AGAIN!

3.5 million viewers tuned into the MeAgain “traveling road show”.  This was down from the previous week and also her premier show. What is so embarrassing for MeAgain is that once again, she lost to a rerun of 60 Minutes, whose viewership was 5.3 million viewers.

The Alex Jones interview was expected to have huge ratings. It was assumed that the pro Jones crowd would tune in to see how he handled MeAgain. At the same time, it was expected that the Left would tune in to see her make mince meat of Jones. Neither happened.

What the program did prove was that MeAgain lied to Jones when she represented to him that she was going to be fair minded. Instead, it was all about “showing the world” what a wacko that Jones was.

Even worse, as I had predicted, MeAgain would try to tie President Trump and his supporters to Jones, and portray all as right wing wackos.

Well, MeAgain failed again. Her program did not get the viewership, nor did she achieve her goals. Instead, she flopped worse than the Ford Edsel.

NBC headquarters should be back in extensive “panic mode” this morning, trying to determine how to revive the failing MeAgain,  or else how to terminate her $15 million contract.

Meanwhile, the last reported siting of MeAgain, she was bleeding from “wherever”.


Appears that NBC is having major regrets.  (h/t BradleyS)

MARK SIMONE on Twitter

Inside scoop: NBC now trying to get rid of Megyn Kelly. Even trying to get FOX to buy out her contract and take her back.


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