Where is Puerto Rico After Its Questionable Plebiscite?

Good morning, Spartans. Puerto Rico, having been repeatedly warned that the results of a statehood vote would not be honored with both the opposition boycotting as well as a bankruptcy battle looming, are now complaining that vote isn’t being taken seriously:

Puerto Rican voters overwhelmingly chose statehood in a plebiscite Sunday, but low participation rates and lack of federal support marred its credibility.

Now statehooders are mounting a campaign on the mainland to follow through on Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s (D) core campaign pledge.

So far, that campaign has mostly fallen on deaf ears in Washington.

“Why would Congress respond to the results of a plebiscite that didn’t follow the rules?” said Federico de Jesús, a Democratic political consultant and former deputy director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA).

In 2014, Congress passed a law to sanction a plebiscite on Puerto Rico’s status.

But LaMalfa added that Congress’ immediate priority regarding Puerto Rico is its financial situation, not its political status.

Proponents of statehood argue that a change in status is necessary to correct the structural issues that led to Puerto Rico’s economic crisis.

“Statehood would get directly to the debt issue,” said Soto.

I have to express my disgust again with the continued dishonesty from the governor and his supporters, who are barely even bothering to hide the outstretched hand to the American public demanding health care benefits and a US government bailout. The move to become a state seems to be so unpopular outside of Puerto Rico, though, that I haven’t seen much interest in pushing it even from the Democrats.

Puerto Rico needs to get its fiscal house in order first before even thinking about becoming a state. We cannot afford to add another welfare case to the USA with states like Illinois and California on the verge of going broke. Puerto Rico needs to be focusing its efforts on the hard work unwinding its debt, not on statehood scams that is the political equivalent of wishing for Santa Claus.


Written by Doomberg

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