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Protest ERUPTS At Shakespeare In The Park

Last night’s performance of Shakespeare in the Park was supposed to be a celebration of liberal thought.  Just a fun-filled evening of young Leftists coming together to celebrate a poor Donald Trump lookalike being stabbed repeatedly.

And then THIS happened…

And here it is again, in glorious (slightly) higher definition:

That’s Rebel Media’s Laura Loomer bum rushing the stage screaming like a maniac hopped up on a cocktail of Red Bull, vodka, and Walter White’s sweet blue crystal.

shakespeare in the park meth
Yeah, science bitch! Well…rock candy actually…

The dude screaming at the audience is, of course, the one and only Jack Posobiec.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is chaos made manifest.  This kind of protest is something that one would see some Leftist group engage in.  One would expect to see a left wing retard jumping on the stage at, say, Disney’s Hall of Presidents in an attempt to yank the pants off of an evil, robotic President Trump.  The right is generally more civilized than this.  The right has manners.  This sort of uncouth protest is completely new ground for the right.

More please.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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