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The Proggy Left may find that Wish Fulfillment is often not as satisfying as The Wish itself

I wonder if the left is actually ready to make a martyr out of Donald Trump? In your blind hatred of the man, have you stopped for a second and thought about what will happen if you get your wish and he dies a martyr? Because that’s what he’ll be to more millions of people than you’re going to be willing to deal with.

Something tells me that the Proggy Donkey Resistance is not gonna like that Brave New Trumpless World iffin it comes ’round.

But THE WANT is too great to be “resisted” (pun intended.)

As Cementer Hillary’sNippleHair so perceptively observed:

Sure was a short steep slope from “Republicans Want Grandma to Die” to “Punch a Nazi” to “It’s Just Art” to this. (shooting Republicans)



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