Please Hillary, Keep Talking, I’m Begging You!

Many of you thought KJ’s article from the other day was the end of it, apparently it is just the beginning.

Call it the most epic “defeat lap” ever: Hillary Clinton can’t stop showing the world why she lost.

At a conference in California on Wednesday, she insisted her email mess was “the biggest nothing-burger ever” and explained that she gave those toadying Goldman Sachs speeches because, well, “They paid me.”

She also added to the list of other people responsible for her loss, insisting she inherited a mess at the Democratic National Committee — “Its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong.”

Oops: Andrew Therriault, the DNC chief of data science in 2014-16, revealed an even more damning Team Hillary fail in a tweet (later deleted) slamming her for “bashing DNC data,” when the DNC models never had Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania “looking even close to safe. Her team thought they knew better.”

Sanctimonious, avaricious and just plain wrong on the facts: That’s the Hillary Clinton America chose not to elect.

When you have lost Al Franken you really should take a clue, but we all know Hillary does not have one.

Sen. Al Franken told Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric Thursday that Hillary Clinton should “move on” from her failed presidential bid.

But it doesn’t stop there even CNN got in on the act, yep that’s right CNN.

During a round table discussion with DC reporters today, host John King dismissed her excuses by saying, “You don’t understand: The Russians cloaked Wisconsin,” referring to Clinton’s ignoring the battleground state until it was too late.

“So she couldn’t find it on a map to get there and campaign there,”he added.

CNN Panel Mocks Hillary Clinton, “A Lot Of [Democrats] Would Prefer To Have Her Fade Away…”

CNN Panel Mocks Hillary Clinton, “A Lot Of [Democrats] Would Prefer To Have Her Fade Away…” (June 1, 2017)

I have my popcorn ready, with extra butter and a giant soda, this is going to be be one hell of a movie, keep talking Hillary, I am loving it.


Written by BradleyS

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