Ossoff vs. Handel: When you’ve lost the Daily Beast

Got to love this headline:

Jon Ossoff’s $23 Million Loss Shows Dems Have No Idea How to Win in the Age of Trump

And the picture that accompanied it above. Priceless.  Maybe some people in media actually do get it.

When the full returns are counted, Republicans here will have to ask themselves why the race was so close in a community that Mitt Romney won by 23 points in 2012, and also what Handel did right to keep her own fortunes separate and apart from Donald Trump’s Tweet storms.

But Democrats will have more soul searching to do. They are now zero-for-four in special elections since Trump became the president and need to understand why.

They’ll be quick to say the Ossoff race never should have been so close, which is true. And that Ossoff won in a sense just by being competitive in an R+10 district, which is sort of true.

But after $23 million, a candidate who genuinely ignited the grassroots, and a Republican president who may or may not be (but probably is) under FBI investigation and can’t stop talking about it, the real question Democrats need to answer is: What’s it going to take to win an election in the era of Trump?

As of Tuesday night, they still have no idea.

Eh. Never mind. They still don’t get it. Continue gloating!


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