MSM Furious That Trump Tweeted About the Terror Attack


The mainstream media routinely tries to downplay Muslim terrorist attacks, because they know it damages both the left and one of the left’s most important “protected” groups politically, as well as giving Republican nationalists “ammunition.” NBC had an embarrassing meltdown last night on Twitter, because Trump was the first to report what everyone already knew – that it was a Muslim terrorist attack.

In light of the recent attacks in London, President Trump used the opportunity to a renew his calls for a travel ban,. He also retweeted a Drudge tweet that suggested that the fluid story was already a terror attack.

In an unprecedented move, NBC News twitter feed followed up, with a uniquely dismissive comment:

Trump came under criticism recently when he referenced an attack at a resort in the Phillipines as a terrorist attack before the specifics of that story were clear.

While London authorities have now only recently claimed that they are treating this event as a terror attack, it’s rather stunning that the sitting president appeared to think it wise to retweet a Drudge Report tweet and not relay official information of which he has exclusive access.

I’d maybe be willing to give NBC a break about waiting, except they and the rest of the MSM used every single high-profile crime with a firearm, including terrorist attacks, to push for a nationwide gun ban during the Obama administration, so I have no problems at all with Trump using it to push for travel restrictions (beyond the travel restriction being a sensible policy as well).

The media and left need to understand the tactics they use against the American people can and will be deployed against them. It is up for them to call for a cease fire.


Written by Doomberg

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