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Leftist Honey Martin Stands by Her Call to Kill Barron Trump

Honey Martin responds to those attacking her over her death threats to Barron Trump and his family

She tells everyone who told her to shut up that they don’t care about foreign kids because they are a bunch of racists who want to defend a little rich, white boy.

She claims that little foreign brown kids are being murdered at this very instant by terrorists and justifies her calls to murder the President, his wife, and his kids because they are spoiled and rich, but mostly because they are fascists.

Whomever she deems fascists are no longer afforded the right to live and can be killed. If you disagree, you support terrorists and worse, you support a little, rich, white boy’s right to life.

Her jealousy of the opportunity Barron Trump has is blatantly apparent. It is later admitted by her that she didn’t come from a family that made a lot of money growing up.

So therefore Barron Trump has to die or something.

Democrats own this climate of hate, they own this attempted mass murder. They are vicious, violent psychopaths.

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