Kansas Legislature Passes Radical Bill Curtailing Gun Rights

The last election had consequences in Kansas, the GOP gungrabbers joined with the marxist Democrats to pass a measure restricting the rights of concealed carry holders to carry guns into hospitals.

To all criminals, if this bill is signed, everyone inside Kansas hospitals are sitting ducks just ripe for the taking.

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas lawmakers bucked the National Rifle Association by approving a measure meant to keep concealed guns out of hospitals — a testament to how much the Republican-controlled Legislature shifted to the left in last year’s elections.

The state has been a testing ground for gun-rights advocates’ favored policies, but the Legislature was able to rewrite Kansas’ 2013 concealed carry law because voters upset with Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s allies ousted two dozen conservatives and gave Democrats and GOP moderates more power.

The action also shows that even some conservatives who normally vote with the NRA paid particular attention to the concerns of the University of Kansas Health System, which sought the change.

“I’m more interested in health care and economics than I am in my NRA rating,” Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning, a conservative Overland Park Republican, told his colleagues during debate.

Health care and economics have nothing to do with stealing the rights of Americans guaranteed by the second amendment you preening prick. Yet another example of self proclaimed “conservative” republicans doing the Democrat’s bidding.

Like other health care facilities, the University of Kansas Health System faced a July 1 deadline to make potentially expensive security upgrades or to allow concealed guns, as required under the 2013 law. That law said gun owners could bring their concealed weapons into public buildings that don’t have “adequate” security such as guards and metal detectors, but it gave universities, public hospitals and other health care facilities four years to comply.

The NRA and other gun-rights advocates pushed for a narrower bill, applying to fewer institutions and only in areas restricted to the general public, arguing that a broader restriction would prevent people from protecting themselves during a criminal attack.

And as usual, the reasoned approach was not taken because the republican party is stuffed full of gun grabbing plutocrats.

Brownback has not said whether he’ll sign or veto the bill approved by legislators. But lawmakers on both sides acknowledged that it wouldn’t have passed at all last year.

“We wouldn’t even have had the hearing,” said Rep. Stephanie Clayton, a moderate Overland Park Republican. “The effort never would have been made.”

Here’s to Brownback vetoing this radical measure and making them go back to the drawing board.


Written by NWC

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