Illegal Alien Wins Lawsuit After San Francisco Police Handed Him to ICE

Illegal Alien Uses Sanctuary City Policy Against the City

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The sanctuary city policy of San Francisco has come around to bite them in the coffers. The city attorney has agreed to pay the illegal alien nearly $200,000 of taxpayer money in a settlement… because the city police turned him over to Immigration and Customs.

Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, 33, reached the settlement agreement with the city attorney’s office, said Saira Hussain, a staff attorney at the Asian Law Caucus who represented Zarceno. The agreement must be approved by the Board of Supervisors.

“We have to insure that each and every local law enforcement official is following those sanctuary policies and we are seeing in Mr. Figueroa’s case that didn’t happen,” Hussain said.

Figueroa-Zarceno sued San Francisco in January for violating its sanctuary city law.

The construction worker said he went to police in December 2015 after getting a call from authorities that his stolen car had been found. Instead of helping him, he said, officers detained him and called immigration authorities.

He was taken into custody by federal authorities outside the police station and was in jail for two months. He has been fighting his deportation since his release.

“What happened to me was very unfair and it was an injustice,” Figueroa-Zerceno said. “I went into the police station to seek help and they didn’t tell me what was happening and they arrested me and treated me badly.”

An illegal alien, a citizen from another country, who is working here illegally and taking jobs from American citizens… is whining about fairness and injustice. All the while he steals a massive sum from the very country he invaded.

City law prohibits law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration officials except when violent criminals are involved.

Why hasn’t the entire city government and police force been arrested yet? Isn’t this essentially an organized crime ring?


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