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Harvard Poll Shows Majority of Americans Think the “Deep State” Is After Trump

Poll after poll seems to show Americans’ opinions firmly on Trump’s side, at least for now. This is quite a change from 2016, when they were all claiming Trump was doomed:

A majority of Americans believe that the “Deep State” is trying to “unseat” President Donald Trump, according to the most recent Harvard-Harris poll.

The poll asked respondents: “Specifically, do you think the so called ‘Deep State’ – the collection of intelligence agencies and holdover government workers from the Obama administration — is trying to unseat President Trump using leaks of classified information?”

Fifty-four percent of respondents answered “yes” while 46% believed the Deep State is not trying to unseat Trump, who has repeatedly asserted that he is the victim of a “Witch Hunt.”

Over the weekend, Pat Buchanan said there is a “classic struggle… between the incoming Trump presidency, which is really embattled in its first five months, and what might be called the Deep State, which is the permanent government in Washington, D.C.”

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