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Facebook User: Why Murder Hitler at 11, But Refuse to Kill Barron Trump?

Update: Honey Martin Responds to those attacking her over her death threats

She tells everyone that they don’t care about foreign kids because they want to defend a little rich, white boy. She claims that little foreign brown kids are being murdered at this very instance by terrorists and justifies her calls to murder the President, his wife, and his kids because they are spoiled and rich, but mostly because they are fascists.

She repeatedly mentions that he’s spoiled and rich in her jealousy of the opportunity he has and it later is admitted by her that she didn’t come from a family that made a lot of money growing up.

So therefore Barron Trump has to die or something.

Facebook user Honey Martin made a death threat on June 5th against President Trump’s son. In the message, she compared Barron Trump to a young Hitler.

She made the comparison between the young Trump and Hitler by posing a hypothetical response to her saying she would kill Barron Trump:

“Barron Trump is just a little boy!”

She responds by stating:

“Let me ask you something,

If you could go back in time & murder 11 year old Hitler, a little boy, would you do it”

Here is the Facebook comment with the name redacted:

If you could go back in time & murder 11 year old Hitler, a little boy, would you do it

She goes by the name, Honey Martin on Facebook. Her profile doesn’t just list the original death threat, she makes multiple death threats not only against Barron Trump, but also against President Trump and his entire family.


Another Facebook user attempts to talk her down after making the claim, aligning herself with antifa, that killing all those she deems fascists a good thing. Unfortunately he is unable to persuade Martin, who then states that the “whole family can die” and that she wants “their heads on platters”:

Whole family can die, I want their heads on platters

Over the next few days she continues her death threats, congratulating others for making death threats against the President:

Sharon Needles beheads Trump Honey Martin applauds

She claims herself to be “not a liberal” because they believe that the economic and political differences can be resolved through words and non violence.

She immediately rejects it because she believes in “killing the motherfuckers that are in the way of progress” and adds a qualification that it mass murder be done in order to “save the lives of others”.

Honey Martin I believe in Killing the motherfuckers that are in the way of progress

She also fantasized about killing Tomi Lahren and holding her decapitated head while eating shrimp, sitting on a throne (after becoming the leader of the entire world, probably through the mass murder of millions of people for progress(tm) ). In this fantasy, she orders the execution of a naked Donald Trump being kept underneath her boot by Ted Nugent.


As a public service, we would like to remind people to contact the U.S. Secret Service to let them know of any person making death threats against public officials, the President, and his family:

U.S. Secret Service
Office of Government and Public Affairs
245 Murray Ln,
Washington, DC 20223

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