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Is CenturyLink the Next Wells Fargo Scandal?

Readers may recall that in 2016, the bank Wells Fargo was discovered to have created millions of scam accounts for its customers and charged them extra fees associated with these accounts to inflate the bank’s profits. Now, a former CenturyLink employee has come forward to say that the company may also be engaged in similar activities:

A Gilbert woman has filed a lawsuit alleging she was fired after raising concerns about CenturyLink employees fraudulently signing customers up for accounts without authorization.

The company provides internet, phone and TV services nationwide.

According to the lawsuit filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, former CenturyLink employee Heidi Heiser worked from her home as a customer service and sales representative between August 2015 and October 2016.

Heiser in the lawsuit alleges she was wrongfully terminated shortly after telling CEO Glen Post on a company message board about customers being bilked. She said unauthorized charges add up to “many millions” from customers over the past two years.

Heiser asked why customers were being billed for things they did not request.

She was never answered and she thinks the question was pulled down shortly after she posted it, according to the lawsuit.

Two days later, Heiser was called and informed that her employment was being suspended because she allegedly had hung up on customers.

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