Book of Trump Chapter 24

1.In the Month of June, in a garden of roses ,  Trump droppeth a bomb of biblical proportions  on the world and great was the lamentations of the women.

2.For He goreth a favored Ox  of the Liberal, a fraud in the eyes of the world. Behold, sayeth the Lord: Mine own creations thinketh they are more powerful than I, The Alpha and Omega, the Lord Omnipotent! They seeketh  to praise themselves for their power, as those who buildeth the Tower of Babel. Yea, they thinketh themselves wise, yet are fools in my sight.

3.Therefore, I sent my servant upon them to teach them that I am the Lord, and will have no other gods before me.  I giveth  mine own power to my servant Trump  to smite down and confuse those who pervert my creation.

4.And then Trump speaketh  to all: I pulleth out of this accord, made by the Kenyan, who spurned the Constitution  and refuseth to send this to the Senate to be ratified, to be supported by the People of this nation. For he knew that it would be rejected and would loseth his face before his peers, so he giveth away the treasure of this land without the voice of the people.

5.And this accord stinketh, as Hillary did. It doeth nothing to make America Great Again, so I have spewed it from my mouth, for I will do those things that will Make America Great Again. And this accord doeth nothing but rob my people of their wealth, to support the haters of this nation.

6.Only this nation was  paying its silver to this fraudulent  scam.  China, and India, the two greatest polluters payeth nothing, yet they were to receive  the treasure of this nation. They had to do nothing but rape the wealth of this nation.

7.But I say Covfefe to that ! I alloweth not the money of this people to go to ungrateful snakes.

8.Verily verifly, I say unto you: I know  the howlings that this decision causeth, yet I care not , for your god is not my God, and I rejecteth  their prophets. I knoweth the inner workings of the people who worketh this deal. I knoweth that it does nothing to help the climate. I knoweth it is  dung before me.

9.This deal shitteth on  this nation, and I will not stand for it. It shitteth on the people who toil laboriously in the land to make a living therein.  Therefore, I have thrown them off the pot, and will not be a part of it.

10.Yea, ye harvesters of our wealth, I say Enough! Ye have bought off the Kenyan , but ye cannot buy me. I am not weak like thy  Bacca Boy who weareth the jeans of his mother. I knoweth thy dark works, and I have  F.U. money to spare. I needeth not your 30 pieces of silver.

11.So, I rend this deal asunder.  I throweth not this nations pearls before swine like thee.  Get thine alms from elsewhere . Taxeth someone else. Thou will not steal from this nation anymore.

12.Yea, I can hear thy bitchin and moaning. I can hear thy cries and see thy tears. Thy cries are like a pleasant melody unto me, and thy tears as Mothers Milk.  Get the hence, hypocrites, and use thine own lucre to work thy evil.  Dependeth on this nation no more, for I tolerateth not fools like thee.

13.Thou sendest a vile wretch to confront me, by holding up a severe head and threateneth my son.  How doest thou now? Hast thy stunt worked in thy favor? I say unto you, nay. You have made me more powerful because ye are dumb

14.Know ye not that I grabbeth pu$$y and suffereth not?  Know yet not that I can mocketh  a failed pilot and suffer not? Know ye not that mine own servant teareth an arm from its socket of a defenseless bitch and I still carry on?  I telleth a pope to shove it, and I am loved for it.

15.Know ye not I neutered thy favorite Bill? Didst thou not see the women I brought forth , who suffered at his hands?  Did ye not see me brand each foe of mine and win?  Was thou blind when I labeled the media as Fake News? Thou brought forth Harlots from hell to say I abused them,  and it falleth by the wayside.  I  shooteth a foe on 5th Avenue, and I will win praise. Thou art full of shit, and people seeth  it.

16.I fileth to seek justice from the High Court of the Land, fo the law has been perferted by robes whose soul is black. They spurned the Consitution. Yea, I will seek justice and demand I win.

17.And Britain, does it not serve as notice to you?  The lovers of goats and pedophiles killeth the innocent, yet ye seek to defend them. Ye would rather theyt kill this people in this land because thy sould is cankered. It rotteth from within. Satan has thee in his chains, and ye loveth him. Y ewould rather tear this nation apart than be wrong, but I will fight thee and prove thee wrong.

18.Sendeth off your hastags! Sendeth off your  tweets of love and togetherness! Your teddy bears and your flowers. Your god heareth you not.  But my God does hear thy cries, and He is angered with thee. I speaketh for those in the dust: I will drive mine enemy from this land. Mine own Mad Dog has been given orders to annihilate this enemy ye  love.

19.Ye shall piss off, for I rebuke thee. Take thy concern and shove it. Praise your moon god  and throw thy witchcraft at me. I care not, as I knoweth I am protected. Yea bro, cometh at me, and I will kick thy ass again.



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