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Bitten by Reality: How to secure the integrity of future elections – Morning Thread

So the story is all over The Internets: Reality Winner, a 25 year old Useful Idiot, leaked a buncha classified documents to The Intercept in order to further the meme that “Trump Stole the Election with the help of Russian Hackers.”

Well, OK then.

If you really believe The Rooshins put The Orange Hitler in the White House then you should be All In on Fixin’ The Problem.

I have A Solution to make sure Such A Thing Never Happens Again.

I know I’m talkin’ krazy but what the hey:

All paper ballots, everywhere and all the time.

Kinda hard for Pooty Poot to find a cheat there (but The Dead in Chicago have done OK by that method for a while…)

In fact, I’ll go few better: require photo ID, no same day registration and kibosh the whole early voting deal too.

I suppose absentee balloting can stay but it should be on Double Secret Probation.

And there you have it – Election Security we can all agree on, right?

I’ll be holding my breath in anticipation of the Proggy Lefties jumping on The Paper Ballot Bandwagon.

I expect it will occur about the same time as the Enviro Division of The Above Named go All In to Save The Planet by supporting Nuke-leer Powah.




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