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Was a 1977 Signal From Deep Space Really An Extraterrestrial Civilization?

The Daily Caller says scientists now think that a 1977 signal, previously debunked, is indeed proof an extraterrestrial civilization was trying to contact us:

Scientists now say that it’s more likely than not a that an extraterrestrial civilization generated a signal from deep space detected in 1977.

We do not believe the two-comets theory can explain the Wow! signal,” Ehman told Live Science.

The original WOW! signal couldn’t be fully replicated by Paris because the signal appeared for such a short period of time that it didn’t repeat, even though the telescope was set up in a manner that would cause it do so.

“We should have seen the source come through twice in about 3 minutes: one response lasting 72 seconds and a second response for 72 seconds following within about a minute and a half,” Ehman said. “We didn’t see the second one.”

Ehman claims that the only way this could have happen was if the signal was cut off abruptly. A comet wouldn’t produce behave in this way, but an extraterrestrial intelligence could.

Color me skeptical, to say the least. The guy making this claim is the person who originally discovered the “WOW!” signal, not an independent third party.

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