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Bruno’s Fargo Season 3 Report Card


Spoilers ahead there, Sport.


First off, there is something wickedly delicious about watching a show set in the dead of a Minnesota Winter in the first days of a Minnesota Summer.

(Full Disclosure: nary a mosquito bite yet this season.  Wood ticks are another story though.)

If there has been a better twenty five minutes of Fargo than the first twenty five minutes of this week’s episode I’m not sure what it wudda been.

It start’s with a flashback of The Ukrainian setting up The Trap for the Hot Cat (Nikki Swango) as she takes what turns out to be her Christmas Eve slay-ride to The State Pen on the prison bus.

Our Hot Cat is shackled to an infamous reoccurring character from Seasons 1 & 2: the deaf and deadly Mr. Wrench.

The crash occurs, blood is spilled, tensions are risen and Mr. Wrench and The Hot Cat boogie off into the frigid blackness of the forest Black Snake Moan style, with the now very pissed off Ukrainian and a passel of animal masked hit-men in pursuit.

The scene plays our in glorious black & white due to some stunning cinematography amidst the primeval forest and frozen lakes of Alberta standing in for the North Star State.

The Hot Cat goes two for two in the Male Decapitation Division (the first being the AC Maurice LeFay’s squashed noggin in episode one.)

Still, The Bad Guy’s head falling off the chopping block log carried a bit of Anne Boleyn’s Revenge with it.

And just when you think Fargo has cashed in it’s seasons allotment of weirdness chips out pops the Purgatory Bowling Alley, smack dab in the middle of Nowheresville.

A warm oasis for Mr. Wrench and The Hot Cat in the middle of the frosted tundra.

(Also, a Hat Tip from the director to The Dude, The Big Lebowski and the Coen Brothers’ Best Movie Ever.)

Inspired writing?

You betcha.

It gets better.

Whoduhya think is sittin’ in for Sam Elliot’s Stranger at the Lanes in the Pines?

Ray Wise.

(Seen earlier this season at a titty bar in LA.  Don’t ask.)

It’s like Leland Palmer has stepped through the Red Velvet Door and is now dispensing Cosmic Justice from the Purgatory of the Damned. (No dancing dwarf tho. Dang.)

Be still my heart.

Know this: The Hot Cat is gonna survive.

The Ukrainian?

Not so much.

Honestly, the rest of the episode was just So Much Filler after that .

Yeah, it was top notch and moved the plot and characters along toward The Inevitable Reckoning, but Lawd, watching the rest of the show was like being at a baseball game where your team had a ten run first and and eight run third.

Two episodes left.

This season has been Cold Nirvana.

Fargo Season 3 Report Card

Episode 1: The Law of Vacant PlacesA

Episode 2: The Principle of Restricted ChoiceA-

Episode 3: The Law of Non-ContradictionA+

Episode 4: The Narrow Escape Problem – A

Episode 5: The House of Special Purpose – A-

Episode 6: The Lord of No Mercy – A+

Episode 7: The Law of Inevitability – A

Episode 7: Who Rules the Land of Denial? – A

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