Will America’s bleeding heart bring disastrous results?

Last month the US launched a strategic airstrike on a Syrian military base because Bashar al-Assad used sarin gas in a chemical weapons attack that killed almost 90 people in his own country. Photos of the dead were heinous, gruesome and overwhelmingly sad. Supporters of the strike said we must act now; we must punish Assad for doing this. Sarin gas is a weapon of mass destruction, after all. They said, “How can the US sit back and watch babies die and not do anything?” and “Hitler also used gas on his people. Acting now will prevent another Holocaust.” and “If you think we shouldn’t have gotten involved in Syria, then you probably also think we shouldn’t have gotten involved in World War II.”

The underlying theme behind all of these arguments is an appeal to our emotional side, to help out a weaker people than us. People who can’t fight back on their own. People who can’t even defend themselves on their own. It comes naturally for Americans to help out a weaker people. It’s what we do. We protect. We stand up to bullies because we know what’ll happen when we don’t. We send messages around the world that says you can’t treat people that way.

Yet when it comes to our very own country within our borders, we don’t think the same way. Those emotional arguments don’t work here. Our enemy simply walked in. Approximately 40 million of them. And we even give them legal rights. Our taxpayer money pays for their homes, their food, their medical care. Through our taxpayer money we fund their children’s education. We let them work here and take a job while millions of rightful Americans are unemployed.

Then the majority of the money they make with their American jobs they send back to Mexico to take care of their families there. So we aren’t even getting the benefit to our economy from that job. They are here illegally, so they’re already criminals by that definition. However, a considerable amount of them also commit violent crimes, theft, rape and murder, and accidental murder via drunk driving. They employ a sort of loose Cloward-Piven/Alinsky strategy of overwhelming the welfare system and making us live up to our own rules to break us.

In short, they completely exhaust our resources. And that isn’t even taking into account the true believers who think the territory of the southwestern United States is their stolen birthright.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: President Trump said he would focus on deporting the criminal illegals, the “bad hombres.” I fully understand that. Trump did not promise to try and deport all the illegals. However, it’s becoming the accepted norm that we won’t ever deport them. The liberal Left of course wants them to stay. But there’s a large contingent on the Right who have accepted it as well. I’ve heard that the American public won’t stand for mass deportation. Some on the Right actually think it’s a good thing we’re giving them jobs and educating them because all they wanted was a better life. They say we’d be punishing the “good ones” if we deport them just because of the others who commit violent crime.

Some on the Right also say that it would be too difficult and burdensome to deport them, so don’t try. Americans are strong. Americans are tough. When the going gets tough, Americans get going. We’re not like those weaker nations. In the US we can defend ourselves, we can push through. Supporters of amnesty might say “Quit your whining. You have it so much better than they ever will.” But do we?

We’ve worn ourselves completely thin sacrificing so much to provide for everyone else, we have nothing left to give. I’m wondering where did that passion go? The fire in your heart to give justice to the Syrian children could be channeled here, in our very own country, we have 40 million who have just parked here and they are harming actual American citizens. Don’t tell me it’s too hard. We’ve spent billions of dollars and too much blood nation building in the Middle East. We’ve faced much worse. We owe it to our country to try. We owe it to the people who died for our country to try. We owe it to our children to try. Every parent has a responsibility to protect their children and ensure their future as best we can. We can’t sit back and let our children get raped by people who shouldn’t even be here. And when you’re saying it’s too hard to deport, that’s exactly what you’re telling us to do.

Speaking of American children, what’s it teaching them that they take a backseat to illegals? What are they thinking when they have to learn Spanish just to attend school and understand the Spanish speaking teachers hired by unions to accommodate illegal children? We’re teaching them that it’s ok to not follow the rule of law. That’s not raising tough Americans. They’re going to grow up and have no sense of American exceptionalism, because their entire lives we’ve placed other countries’ needs ahead of ours.

Maybe it’s time we do start using emotional arguments for our own country. Maybe it’s time we took a look at the photos of the dead Americans from illegal drunk drivers and gang shootings. Maybe we should let the loved ones of the dead police officers speak out and actually listen to what they say. Maybe we could talk to the parents of the American girl who was violently raped in the bathroom of her school by illegals. Maybe then it would stir some passion and action from our government to formulate a plan to deport all illegals, not give them amnesty, and figure out the best ways to strip them of legal means to stay, so most of them will self deport.

Deporting all illegals goes hand in hand with the principles of MAGA. Amnesty is any form is not an option. We need to stop the bleeding or else bleed ourselves dry.


Written by edelweiss2


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