Twitter Sounds Off on the French Election – QOTD

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The votes have been cast, the results of the French election are in, and the people of France have spoken.  Emmanuel Macron, leader of France’s left-wing En Marche! party has soundly beaten challenger Marine Le Pen.  Leftists and Muslim terrorists (but I repeat myself) all over France and Europe celebrated Macron’s victory over the evil, hate-filled Le Pen and France’s National Front party.  After all, why vote for safety and security when you can vote for suicide by multiculturalism?

french election suicide
That’s right, France, fall on that sword…

The twits on Twitter had plenty to say about both sides of the election.  Some saw Macron’s win as securing a proper future for France.  Others saw it as the final nail in the coffin for the once great nation.  I’ve scoured the depths of Twitter to bring you a few of the more interesting tweets.

Behold, the maturity of the Left! I guess no one told him the KKK was an American, Democrat invention. Also, Crank Yankers? Seriously, dude? I don’t know if I’d be putting that in my bio as an “accomplishment.”

Spoken like someone who lives on the other side of the world.

Of course not! Macron’s going to be getting some sweet, sweet nooky from his dear old auntie.

french election macron wife
Aww yeah, just wait until she takes those dentures out…

Someone seems just a tad butt hurt.

french election zoidberg
Don’t forget to apply “liberally” to the affected area…

Not sure why Steve King would care about the French election. Enjoy that beer, though, and be secure in the knowledge that you live in Iowa. The one area of the world ISIS wouldn’t bother with conquering because it’s so freaking boring.

Remember, kids, love trumps hate. Or something.

The lefties on Twitter weren’t the only ones who had an opinion on the French election. The right side of Twitter weighed in as well.

The French election: acceptance of leftist ideals, national suicide pact, or sexist boondoggle? You decide.

Don’t worry, that sign will be official French policy soon enough.

Come on, terrorism’s just a fact of big city life. After all, Islam is here to stay according to Macron.

Haven’t you heard? ISIS will stop attacking France if they submit to Islam!

Or something…

Oui, oui.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think even Hillary Clinton sunk this low during the 2016 election.

Ouch! Someone get some cream for that sick burn!

“Please Mama Merkel, tell me another story about how Europe’s future can only be realized by submitting to Allah’s will!”

“Nein, my child. It is time for bed. Run along now.”

It’s best not to think about what might be required to wake them up.

Despite all of the doom and gloom, some twits offered a slim ray of hope.

Le Pen enjoyed wide support among French millenials during the campaign as well.  That support combined with the above numbers means there’s a slight chance France might turn away from the brink of insanity in 2022.  We’ll have to wait and see if that analysis holds up in the next French election.

Assuming there’s a France left by that time, of course…


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