Tormented Shia LeBeouf Has Public Meltdown in a Bowling Alley

This is what happens to people who try to go up against 4chan:

Following a public incident involving swearing and yelling at a bartender in a bowling alley last month, Shia LaBeouf is now being sued.

The incident arose when the bartender, David Bernstein of Jerry’s Famous Deli, which is adjacent to the Pinz Bowling Center in Los Angeles, refused to serve LaBeouf a drink, allegedly because the actor was already too intoxicated. LaBeouf was caught on camera screaming at the bowling-alley employee, calling him a “f—ing racist.”

Now, the employee, who believes LaBeouf was on the verge of using physical violence, is suing the star for assault and defamation. “[LaBeouf] yelled at plaintiff and appeared ready to physically confront him after plaintiff refused to serve him a drink because [LaBeouf] appeared to be intoxicated,” Bernstein’s lawyer said in a statement.

The incident, according to the complaint at the link above, took place on April 5. Two weeks prior, on March 23, 4chan stole LaBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” flag from the rooftop of a guarded building in Liverpool in Britain. They did so by learning the patterns of the guards and then scaling a nearby building and crossing over to the guarded building to take the flag. The story is at Heat Street. The March 23rd incident is the fourth time 4chan managed to pull off an insane stunt this.

I suspect these incidents are the cause of the public meltdown. All the stress seems to have gotten to poor old Shia.


Written by Doomberg

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