The Tories in the United Kingdom Have Obliterated All Other Parties in the Local Council Elections

UK Local Elections 2017

The best performance since 2008, the Tories (Conservatives) have gained over 600 seats. The UKIP party has been essentially wiped out as their main issue, Brexit, is now being championed by the Conservatives.

The Liberal Democrats, the third most populous party, is also being destroyed by the Conservative onslaught. This quite possibly foretells a massive victory coming for Prime Minister Theresa May in next month’s snap general election. Despite what the polls are saying.

This is getting increasingly bad for Labour under Jeremy Corbin, as most of the UKIP gains came at their expense, and now their voters switched again to support the Tories. Labour have lost over 300 seats and set to lose more as the races finish counting. As with the Democrats, going even more socialist is not proving to be popular in their respective countries.

Labour also lost YUGELY in Scotland, with their seats being gobbled up by the Scottish National Party and the Conservatives.

It now appears that the Conservative party has a broad consensus and approval to govern across the UK as the population unites behind them, reducing the opposition to regional parties with shrinking influence.

With the Conservatives resurgent in Scotland, Labour lost control of Glasgow council for the first time since 1980.

Losing the Tees Valley mayoral election to the Tories is a bad result, but favourite Steve Rotheram did become Liverpool’s first metro mayor and Ros Jones held on with an improved result in Doncaster. The West of England mayoral contest was won by Tory Tim Bowles, with the West Midlands also going Tory with a win for Andy Street.

With 88 councils up for grabs just 34 days before the general election, Theresa May’s party has won nearly 600 council seats and Labour has lost more than 300.

UKIP faces wipeout as it did not win a single seat until lunchtime – losing all its seats in Lincolnshire, where leader Paul Nuttall is standing in the general election, along the way. The Rubbish Party won a seat before Ukip did.

And the so-called Lib Dem fightback failed to materialise in early counts, despite the party unseating two Tory council leaders and scoring symbolic victories over Ukip. The Green Party produced a more impressive showing, more than doubling its number of seats.

Labour lost its status as the largest party in Cumbria, where the Tories ousted councillor Gillian Troughton just weeks after defeating her in the Copeland by-election too.

Labour also lost control of heartlands Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend and Merthyr Tydfil – the Valleys town with coal mining heritage whose MP was once party founder Keir Hardie. But the party secured its city bases in Wales and can take some comfort from its showing in the Principality.

There are also six new metro mayors – including the key Tory/Labour battleground of the West Midlands.


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