The SCOTUS DENIES Hearing NC Voter ID Law, Gun Rights Cases

The United States Supreme Court just decided to not hear any new cases today. There were several opinions and refusals to grant hearings handed down by the Court.

They denied hearing the appeal of North Carolina’s Voter ID law. There was confusion over the defense of the law as the Democrat Governor and attorney general of North Carolina refused to defend the legislation passed under the state’s previous Republican Governor.

North Carolina’s Voter ID law was struck down by the 4th Circuit, who stated it targets “African Americans with almost surgical precision.” The radical action struck down reasonable requirements to ensure integrity in the voting process.

The racist parts, according to the 4th Circuit, are listed and will stay “struck down” until the legal defense situation is addressed in North Carolina:

  • Its voter ID requirements.
  • A rollback of early voting to 10 days from 17.
  • An elimination of same-day registration and of preregistration of some teenagers.
  • Its ban on counting votes cast in the wrong precinct.

The other cases the United States Supreme Court refused to hear included gun rights case in California and another forced Christian labor to make cakes endorsing gay marriage case.

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SCOTUS does not act on pending petitions on gun rights and right not to serve same-sex couples.

They also refused to hear a case on whether police were required to get a warrant before obtaining cell cite records:

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SCOTUS does not act on pending petitions on whether warrants are required for police to get cell site records.

SCOTUS Opinions

The US Supreme Court did issue opinions on three cases.

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SCOTUS holds that power of attorney agreements need not specifically address arbitration to create binding arbitration agreements.

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SCOTUS holds a veteran need not indemnify his/her divorced spouse over the veteran’s waiver of retirement benefits.

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SCOTUS holds 5-3 that filing a time barred proof of claim in bankruptcy doesn’t violate Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

These cases were decided before Judge Gorsuch was sworn into his position on the Supreme Court.


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