The Origin and Ongoing Saga of the Democrat Russia Farce

I think that it’s important to periodically step back and do a reality check with anything involving the lunatic Democrats and their evil Media. Otherwise it’s easy, even for sane people, to fall into a trap of thinking that that which is utterly insane is somewhat sane or that which is grossly abnormal is perhaps newly normal.

So take a few moments, if you would, to think about everything that the always-abnormal Democrats and their lackeys in the Media have said and done over the last nine months regarding Trump and his campaign team and the contrived collusion with the Russians to defeat the hapless yet loathsome Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats have promulgated non-stop speculation, insinuation and outright accusation that President Trump  (Let’s be real and forget the references to his campaign team – everyone knows that they are trying to implicate Trump himself) basically colluded and conspired with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Congressional hearings are in progress, and there have even been calls for a Special Investigator. There have predictably been rumblings of impeachment for Trump’s firing of Comey, which many Democrats howl was obviously done to coverup Trump’s disproven nefarious actions with the Russians.

Now, after you have taken a few moments to think about all the frantic, frenzied Democrat frothing, take another few moments to look at what started this and what, to this day, is all that exists about the matter:

There you have it. That’s it. There is nothing more. An obvious wry joke by Trump during the campaign on July 27, 2016. That and only that was the spark and the fuel for a fire that the Democrats intentionally set and maintain to this day for the purpose of trying to burn down the Trump administration.

Amazing, isn’t it, that such a mountain of propaganda can be made out of such a mole hill. But that is the unbridled power and destructive force of a leftist Media.

Hopefully something soon will act like a splash of cold water in all of Trump’s detractors’ faces that will make them see what vicious jackasses they have been. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.


Written by justltl

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