The Day Pu and Rubbish Become Better Writers

Rubbish: Did you see the YouTube Scott Adams did titled The Day You Became a Better Writer?

Pu: I saw it but I didn’t watch it.

Rubbish: Well, the Powers That Be think we should watch it.

Pu: Can’t imagine why……we get the most views and cements of any articles written for SpartaReport.

Rubbish: I liked the part where Scott Adams described his 6 dimensions of humor:

  • Clever
  • Naughty
  • Bizarre
  • Cruel
  • Cute
  • Recognizable

For something to be funny, you need to combine at least two of them.

Pu: So you’re saying if we combined something about Ratso being cute and we added something cruel and naughty about Al Gore, then even Al Gore can be funny? Not buying it!

Rubbish: How about “it’s OK if Ratso licks his butt but I draw the line at all the snowflakes licking Al Gore’s.”

Pu: Pew! That’s nasty!

Rubbish: Your turn. Let’s try the Sparta Report (recognizable) with bizarre.

Pu: “The Sparta Report is like Mad Magazine except that it somehow makes sense.”

Rubbish: That’s bizarre all right.

Pu: Let’s try cruel and recognizable

Rubbish: Too easy. “I heard James Comey thought about being a plumber but everything he touched seemed to leak.”

Pu And when the toilet started to back up, the only thing he knew how to do was ask for more money.”

Rubbish: “Have you ever noticed that Uncle Bruno and Nancy Pelosi would make a cute couple?”

Pu: (Shudder) “Maxine Waters brain is the size of an amoeba which is particularly offensive to amoebas!”

Rubbish: “Berkeley students wouldn’t know free speech even if a ‘dangerous faggot’ wrote it on a wall!”

Pu: “If the word ‘oxymoron’ didn’t exist, it would have to be invented to describe Diane Feinstein being on the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

Rubbish: “It makes perfectly good sense that Emory University wants to give a free ride to illegal alien students!”

Pu: Er, Rubbish . . .

Rubbish: WOT?

Pu: That’s not funny!

Rubbish: Oh, I guess not. Just goes to prove that the left thinks a lot of bizarreness is now normal.

Pu: True dat!

Rubbish: Well, I think that took Spartan humor to a new level.

Pu: Yep. Who knew we had a parking garage!



Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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