Roger Stone Claims Kennedy is About to Resign!

Roger Stone Banned from twitter

Big news, if true. Roger Stone is claiming, via Info Wars and Alex Jones, that Anthony Kennedy is about to resign:

President Trump has been informed of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s impending resignation, meaning that the president will soon make his second pick for the Supreme Court, according to White House sources speaking with Trump insider Roger Stone.

This development, exclusive to Infowars, is the first confirmation of the 80-year-old’s retirement, which the mainstream media has speculated for the past hour.

U.S. Circuit Judge Thomas Hardiman, who was on Trump’s short list when he selected Neil Gorsuch for the vacancy left by the late Antonin Scalia, is said to be the front-runner for the opening seat.

That said, the president will consider other candidates as well – including perhaps Judge Andrew Napolitano, a surprise candidate who’s long been a favorite of Trump’s.

I never thought I’d say this, but my opinion of Mitch McConnell has actually improved somewhat thanks to his work on Gorsuch. Putting another conservative on the Supreme Court would be a major deal, since Kennedy was traditionally a “weathervane” and tended to split 50/50. This is a little potential good news in what has otherwise been a rough past few days for us.


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