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dirty cop mueller manufactures evidence

Ann Coulter on Twitter

When Special Counsel Mueller investigates the tarmac incident, he should check for both audio recordings AND any video recordings of tarmac.

Ann Coulter on Twitter

People who have most to worry about with appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Hillary, Loretta Lynch, John Podesta, Bill Clinton…

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Nick Short on Twitter

AG Lynch meeting on tarmac w/Bill during investigation into HRC & then Comey clearing her next day is what obstruction of justice looks like

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Lou Dobbs on Twitter

Release Comey Memos – @Jim_Jordan “If we’re going to get some memos, let’s get them all…what happened under Comey’s watch” #MAGA #TrumpTrain

??Jojoh888?? on Twitter

⚠️Warning to all snowflakes⚠️ this image will trigger you. Two ‘white supremacists’ who love our dear [email protected] #wednesdaywisdom #MAGA ???????

i24NEWS English on Twitter

RobertMueller appointment is ‘fantastic’ for #Trump, who can now remove any suspicion of impropriety, @Harlan tells @MichelleMakori

BamaNicki on Twitter

@LarrySchweikart Watch periscope of @Gingrich_of_PA. He explains that Trump is 100% in favor and behind this move. Mueller can look into HC emails, Comey, ??


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dirty cop mueller manufactures evidence

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