No More Blood for Cheese

So it’s Macron.

Not surprised; the Globalist Establishment got ambushed twice last year and they decided that France wasn’t gonna be the third guy on the match.

El Donaldo made all the expectedly correct noises in light of The New Regime in Frogland (much to the dismay of media hacks everywhere.)

First takes suggest it was a rather joyless election.  Not a lot of ‘rah-rah” from the Frog public –  more like enduring stale bread, moldy cheese and a poor vintage wine.

Bite, chew, swallow, repeat.  Especially repeat the wine, Monsieur.

Well look, the French are the French, at least for the near & short-term future, after which time the French will be the Algerians, the Syrians, the Turks, the Libyans and a whole host of other Islamic conquerors writ large thanks to now elderly Pierre & Brigit’s largess when they could have voted to say “no” all those years back.

The world belongs to those who show up and the have French decided to call it quits.

(A tip of the Bruno chapeau to cementer MisterGhost for posting the linked above essay.)

OK then.

Glad to know my Uncle Johnny, who has been buried in a Normandy cemetery since June of ’44, bought you pukes enough time to fritter it all away.

Fool me once we send Pershing.

Fool me twice we send Ike.

Fool me a third time and I need to rearrange my sock drawer every night for the next few score years.

Somewhere in Casablanca Rick is telling Sam to burn the piano, pack the trunks and join him catching the last steamer to Thailand.

Time to let Renault handle things on his own from here on out…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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