Holy Crap, Liberal Insanity on Full Display

liberal insanity

It isn’t often that one comes across something that perfectly illustrates liberal insanity…

Oh who am I kidding?  The Internet abounds with endless examples of liberal insanity and stupidity.  Throw a virtual rock on the Internet and you’ll hit at least five truly stupid liberals.

The true task isn’t finding merely one, five, or even a dozen examples of liberal insanity.  The real measure of the conservative Internet connoisseur is finding that one perfect example of liberal insanity.  That one blog post, tweet, Facebook status, or Tumblrina that illustrates exactly how far down the rabbit hole liberals have fallen.  I believe I have found just such an example.

Observe, if you will, the following exchange found on Twitter presented without interruption by yours truly:

Imagine being so insane, so crazy, that the President of the United States causes stress each and every time he opens his mouth.  I’m not talking your standard “there you go again” level of stress that conservatives dealt with (key words there) for 8 years under the Obama regime.  We’re talking about a level of stress so high that you would look at a tweet by Donald J. Trump and think “maybe I can sue him for this.”  How messed up in the head do you have to be to get to the point where you’re seriously discussing taking out a freaking restraining order against the president because his words are “troubling?”

These are not rational people that we are dealing with here, people.  Rational people experience stress on a day to day basis from a variety of sources.  Rational people, however, learn to deal with said stress.  A rational person does not consider filing a restraining order against the president because they feel threatened by his tweets.  Rational people do not sit around seriously discussing how they can sue the president because he causes them stress.

Liberal insanity.  It would be absolutely hilarious if it wasn’t so god damned terrifying.


Written by Radius

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