Was Israel Betrayed By Donald Trump?

The Washington Post’s Russian intel story just keeps getting better and better.  It turns out that Israel might have been the source for the intelligence that Donald Trump shared with the Russian Foreign Minister last week:

WASHINGTON — The classified intelligence that President Trump disclosed in a meeting last week with Russian officials at the White House was provided by Israel, according to a current and a former American official familiar with how the United States obtained the information. The revelation adds a potential diplomatic complication to the episode.

Israel is one of the United States’ most important allies and a major intelligence collector in the Middle East. The revelation that Mr. Trump boasted about some of Israel’s most sensitive information to the Russians could damage the relationship between the two countries. It also raises the possibility that the information could be passed to Iran, Russia’s close ally and Israel’s main threat in the Middle East.

The right and left side of Twitter were all abuzz with news of this shocking revelation.  Leftists and Mainstream Media hacks (but I repeat myself) everywhere insisted that this heinous act of treason had irrevocably damaged America’s relationship with previously staunch ally Israel.

This is all highly amusing mainly because the Left’s opinion of Israel is decidedly less…shall we say charitable than it is today?

The following tweet accurately represents the Left’s view of Israel on a normal day:

The controversy over our relationship with Israel today is especially amusing when you take into account the fact that the Obama administration spent 8 years chastising, lecturing, and generally treating Israel like a red-headed stepchild.  Former President Barack Hussein Obama probably did more to undermine our decades-long relationship with Israel than any other president in history.  The Left applauded every sucker-punch and body blow Obama lobbed at the Israelis.  Yet today the Left is in a tizzy because Donald Trump has “irreparably damaged” our relationship with Israel.

Two words: puh-LEASE.

What about it?  Is the New York Times-and every other leftist out there-accurate?  Are the Israelis hopping mad and fit to be tied at Donald Trump for leaking super secret intel they provided?  Is our relationship with Israel irreparably damaged?

Not really.  Israel put out a statement earlier today that was decidedly pro-America and pro-Trump:

The Israeli ambassador to the U.S. said Israel would continue its intelligence-sharing relationship with the U.S. despite the episode.

“Israel has full confidence in our intelligence-sharing relationship with the United States and looks forward to deepening that relationship in the years ahead under President Trump,” Ambassador Ron Dermer said.

Liberals have unintentionally acknowledged this fact.  Buried a few paragraphs within the New York Times’ alleged reporting is this little gem:

Israeli officials would not confirm that they were the source of the information that Mr. Trump shared. In a statement emailed to The New York Times, Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, reaffirmed that the two countries would maintain a close counterterrorism relationship.

“Israel has full confidence in our intelligence-sharing relationship with the United States and looks forward to deepening that relationship in the years ahead under President Trump,” Mr. Dermer said.

Well golly gee, Batman, it sure doesn’t SOUND like Israel’s spitting fire over Trump’s talk with the Russians.  Is it possible that the whole controversy between Israel and the United States is completely fabricated by the Mainstream Media and the Left?  Is this yet another example of the “fake news” that the Left puts out almost daily in an attempt to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency and sabotage our efforts to undo the damage of the last 8 years?

I’ll let you answer that question for yourself…

PS: I’m throwing this tweet in here randomly because seriously?  Seriously???

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