Why Mark and I are Cucks: Illegal Aliens Worked HARD for their Money, They Should Keep It.

Pu: Hey Rubbish. I was reviewing the Edelweiss’ WILL AMERICA’S BLEEDING HEART BRING DISASTROUS RESULTS? again, and decided that it warranted some comments. Your thoughts?

Rubbish: I agree. The piece was well thought out and written from the heart. We’re all Spartans here and it’s great that we can disagree without being disagreeable. There’s a lot we could discuss here but what I’m most interested in is the statement that “our enemy simply walked in. Approximately 40 million of them.”

Pu: You hear that from other cementers as well who just simply say that Mexico is “invading” the United States.

Rubbish: Personally, I think this is one of those times that hyperbole is best left to the trained professionals such as President Trump because “enemy” implies that all 40 million have desires to conquer or overthrow the country. Most come with the wish for a better life and we didn’t do much to stop them either. Maybe, just maybe, a wall might help! As we’ve discussed before, we actually had programs for illegals to temporarily enter the country to harvest crops. So do we simply deny both their motivations and our own history?

Pu: But aren’t there illegals as well as citizens of Mexican heritage who think the territory of the southwestern United States is their stolen birthright?

Rubbish: Sure. So are you going to deport them? Or lock them up for their beliefs? Sounds like the “Thought Police” will get more work to do.

Pu: So how about the notion that all of the money illegals send back to Mexico is really a takeover by the Mexican government?

Rubbish: We know that $23 billion was sent to Mexico last year of the $120 billion that was sent to all countries. The Mexican GDP is 1,144 billion USD ‎(2015) so money sent from the United States to Mexico represents about 2% of their GDP. Not chump change but not much of an invasion either.

Pu: So  Okay, I may even make our fan unhappy with this statement, but here goes. Illegals have worked for this money. They have put in their own blood, sweat and tears to earn this money. So what if they send it elsewhere? It is their own money, not yours or mine. Put a tax on remittances if desired. But don’t tell them how they can use their money! If the Government does that, then soon they will tell you how you can invest, spend money, etc. To be truthful, they are doing that already and people don’t like it.

Rubbish: I guess my whole concern is that characterizing illegals as “our enemy” or “invaders” just isn’t very useful. It’s factually not correct and people’s everyday experiences don’t support it either.

Pu: Many people argue that “a considerable amount of them also commit violent crimes, theft, rape and murder, and accidental murder via drunk driving.”

Rubbish: And these are the ones that President Trump has ordered to be considered for deportation.

Pu: As I recall, The Department of Homeland Security believes that about 820,000 illegal immigrants qualify as “removable criminal aliens,” or about 7.5% of all illegals.

Rubbish: In my view, this is where we need to continue to focus – the removal of these “bad hombres.” The left will still whine, of course, but defending these individuals is harder to do and it’s clearly moving the ball in the right direction.

Pu: How about all the whole Cloward-Piven/Alinsky strategy thing?

Rubbish: Rubbish but let’s tackle this next time along with some of the other things ze said.

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