Did Firing Comey Free Prosecution of Clinton & ObamaGate?

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s memo to Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a masterful and ironic affirmative answer to the title’s question. If you haven’t read it in full, click on the link and read it now. It is no accident its author chose to cite many bipartisan condemnations of Comey’s “Coup” on July 5,2016 when the POS heading the FBI decided he ALSO ran the Department of Justice. It is clear foreshadowing of the intent of of the Department of Justice to reassert itself in the Clinton Email Investigation since being granted “clemency by Comey” isn’t equivalent to a Presidential Pardon or even the principle of double jeopardy there is NOTHING to prevent Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein from immediately seating a Grand Jury to review the FBI’s evidence which even Clown Comey made clear was absolutely a violation of multiple federal statutes up to an including the Espionage Act. Did Firing Comey Free Prosecution of Clinton & ObamaGate? Why YES, it’s why every Democrat in D.C. has been publicly shitting their pants since the firing.

Let’s be clear. With Comey removed from running interference for Democrats, every felony committed by every member of the Obama administration AND the Democratic Congressional Caucus (i.e. congresscritters and Senators) is now on the table for prosecution. The list is long and infamous:

Fast & Furious, IRS Targeting, Solyndra, Benghazi, HHS Shakedown of Insurance Companies, Targeting James Rosen, NSA Domestic Spying, Delivery of CASH to Iran, Involvement in Clinton Email Security Violations, ObamaGate – using Intelligence Community to target political opponents, and on and on.

By firing Comey on Day 109 of his first term, President Trump has now made it possible to truly drain the District Of Corruption – which is why so many in the Establishment/UniParty are trying everything they can to continue their efforts to destroy the Trump administration.

They are ALL at risk.

If only the list I provided above was processed – the prosecution, trials, appeals, etc would easily run through the length of Trump’s second term. The reality is there is far more that hasn’t seen the light of day yet. There are crimes committed by the corrupt Establishment, which may be revealed as lower level conspirators are flipped in order to avoid maximum sentences, that make all but two of the list above pale in comparison. Just remember one key takeaway every time the mainstream media and UniParty Pundits keep trying to distract you and minimize the damage.

There is NO statute of limitations on murder.

Every time some MSM hack, pundit or just everyday liberal in your life claims “Trump’s covering up!”verbally punch back TWICE as hard from the list above and keep verbally punching until they run away.

Just to show my money is where my mouth is:

PolAgnostic on Twitter

When the FBI agents come to arrest you, they’ll tell how they laughed at this tweet.

PolAgnostic on Twitter

EVERY1 who cares abt independ. & rule of law in America should be disgusted YOU do not see Comey’s “Coup” on 7/5/2016 as grounds for firing.

PolAgnostic on Twitter

Are you SO dense you don’t know Americans trust ANY other news source over CNN? Even the ratings dropping like a rock doesn’t register? ?


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