Has Crazy Nancy Pelosi Lost Her Damn Mind?

Nancy Pelosi held a press conference on Thursday in which she was asked what she thought about President Donald J. Trump’s first foreign trip.  Specifically, Nancy Pelosi was asked whether or not she thought Trump’s trip was a success.  A fair question that one would expect a prominent member of the opposition party to have the perfect answer for.  I’m sure many of the reporters in the room expected to be regaled with a passionate mini-speech regarding the many and varied failures that the Trump administration had committed while abroad.

Instead, the reporters were blasted with this incoherent bit of word salad:

If you’re wondering just what in the hell SanFranNan was talking about…well so am I!  Honestly I have no idea what she was trying to say.  I’d wager that Nancy Pelosi herself had no idea what she was saying.  Apparently Nancy Pelosi’s biggest objection to Donald Trump’s first trip abroad was that he visited the countries in…reverse alphabetical order?  Trump should have visited Canada before Saudi Arabia because C comes before S in the alphabet.  That’s not a real objection.  That’s the kind of answer you’d get if you asked the homeless old lady squatting alone in the corner of the subway who smells vaguely of corn chips and urine what time it is.

nancy pelosi subway
Actually she looks more coherent than Nancy…

I have one question for the people of California.  What exactly is wrong with you people?  Seriously, something in your brains has to have completely broken because you people keep re-electing Nancy Pelosi.  Why?  Why do you think Nancy Pelosi, of all people, is the best person to represent you in Washington?  Nancy can’t answer a simple question in a coherent manner.  She’s very clearly mentally unstable.  The longer Donald Trump’s presidency goes on, the more unhinged and insane Nancy Pelosi becomes.  At this rate she’ll be reduced to a gibbering wreck giggling in the corner while she eats her own toenails by the time 2020 comes around.

Why.  Do.  You.  Keep.  Sending.  Nancy.  Pelosi.  To.  Washington?

nancy pelosi why

California, do the entire country a favor.  Please, please, please send someone else to Washington.  Anyone else.  Quite frankly, at this point a potato could represent you better than Nancy Pelosi can.  Let her stay home and rest.  Please.

nancy pelosi please


Written by Radius

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