Conservative Media’s Cause of Death: Suicide, Sloth or Innovation?

The “conservative” media of 10 years ago is DEAD. Breitbart effectively died with it’s founder who was it’s all too frail heart despite the soul of a warrior. Conservative blogging sites sold out to corporate media and their hidebound values. Fox News’ success as THE home of conservative television insured sponsors, focus groups and Human Resources slugs would come to rule above values or principles. Twitter, in the truest of ironies, administered the coup de grâce in the last two years. In a conservative media cesspool overflowing with UniParty values, Twitter, home to censorship of conservative speech, gave the heirs of Breitbart the most open opportunity to establish a Voice and deliver a fearless, “in your face” Message to the masses. What was Conservative Media’s cause of death: Suicide, Sloth or Innovation?

Suicide, the mortal self inflicted wound, certainly describes the conservative blogging sites who literally sold out to the “corporate devils” who offered them worldly riches in return for the soul of the values these pioneers had brought to the internet. Why struggle to make ends meets and generate content if a media group has a check with seven figures on it made out in your name? Just drink the grape Kool Aid, surrender editorial control and drift off into the oblivion of “You No Longer Matter“.

Sloth, the sin of habitual laziness, was the most effective means of killing the greatest number of established conservative media, small and large. Sloth took the form of “access” where the concept of digging up facts, developing inside sources and making defensible, objective judgments based on those efforts were viewed as tedious and boring when compared to serving as a propaganda arm of a given wing of the UniParty who provided access to “senior White House sources” (coughBen Rhodescough) or “senior GOP Leaders” (coughJohn Boehnercough) on the precondition you would faithfully deliver THEIR talking points IN FULL. How can you argue with that deal when they even were willing to have one of their people write the copy for you?

Sloth laid low Drudgereport (and others as well), which during the eight years of Obama stopped being anything related to news content sourcing (i.e. that tedious reporting concept) by discovering if enough people visit the site daily, all you have to do is focus on being THE news integration site (e.g. being able to link ANY story from the largest global media sites thanks to deals made when Drudge used to actual have exclusive content) and thereby influence what the media would be discussing about ITSELF everyday. Drudge’s site is now indistinguishable from Mainstream Media because he has no special access to a Trump administration and thereby must hawk the stories being published by the MSM to keep the shekels coming in.

Innovation, in the form of Twitter and Periscope – the twin children of liberal fascism, is the final nail in the coffin of conservative media. Milos, Cernovich and others have risen up as minor gods (with feet of clay) thanks to the perfect length of 141 characters worth of lead-in to any topic in the age when everyone is beset with media ADHD. Mitchell and Scavino are NO “kitchen Cabinet” – just handmaidens with “access” in the Trump administration and loyalty born of the fact that without that access they would only be two among millions of blowhards on Twitter. The fatal flaw is, of course, the ability of Twitter to make ANYONE on their site into a non-person.

Conservative media is dead and not even the amiable but too even handed Tucker Carlson can resuscitate it.


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