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Comey’s love affair with the Clintons

Pu: Hey Rubbish! Did you ever read a bad novel where, against all odds, the main characters all wind up running into one together just at some critical moment?

Rubbish: You mean like when the love interest is about to be kidnapped and the hero happens to be walking his cat Ratso?

Pu: Yep. that’s the one. Well, the story of James Comey and the Clintons is much worse than that! You remember Whitewater and the Clintons?

Rubbish: Of course.

Pu: That was the “development project” on the Whitewater River in Arkansas. Total scam that sent several people to jail, but not the Clintons. Did you know that James Comey was a Deputy Special Counsel on the Senate Whitewater Committee? That committee was looking into the actions of all involved in Whitewater including the Clintons.

Rubbish: Really? They go back that far together? I had no idea!

Pu: In 1996, Comey came to some conclusions about Whitewater that, er, you might recognize as being rather similar to last year’s events. So in summary, Whitewater was about whether Bill had used his position as governor of Arkansas to help their business partner in Whitewater Development Corp to get an illegal loan.

Here is what Comey found.

  • Hillary was personally involved in mishandling Whitewater and other documents. Many documents were found to be missing and could not be located.
  • Deliberate destruction of documents by White House personnel occurred.
  • Her behavior fit into a pattern of concealment where she and Bill tried to hide their involvement in Whitewater and other matters.
  • Hill used subordinates to block investigations into her and Bill’s actions.

Rubbish: Good golly sweet Molly! You could almost rewrite the whole thing to be about her email scandals!

Pu: Ultimately, Comey would conclude that Bill and Hill had engaged in “a highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct.” Several people would go to jail over Whitewater, including the successor governor in Arkansas. “Somehow”, Bill and Hill “managed” to escape prosecution.

Rubbish: And, as I recall, The Rose Law Firm records were a part of that whole mess. They were eventually found under the bed in a White House bedroom. Hillary had no idea how they got under her bed. I wonder if anyone checked to see if James Comey was hiding under there as well?

Pu: I don’t know about that but in the email scandal, the records were hidden on a computer server, at first in a basement, and then in a closet. Pretty much sounds like the same MO (modus operandi for our friends in Berkeley).

Rubbish: And then she destroyed all those Blackberries. I’ve had a couple of those things so I’m not completely against destroying them! But it’s still part of a pattern for sure.

Pu: Remember Sandy Berger, the National Security Advisor to Bill?

Rubbish: Aah, the one who stuffed his pants and socks with notes he took on classified documents from the National Archives. And he also took actual classified documents as well, of which some remain “missing”. Don’t tell me Comey was involved?

Pu: Yep. Comey investigated Berger in this. Ultimately, he would be convicted on Apr 5, 2005 of a misdemeanor for intentionally removing documents from the National Archive. It was speculated that Berger acted to hide documents that would otherwise prove damaging to the Clinton Administration. Of course, Comey appears to have made no attempt to determine if anyone from the Clinton Administration had anything to do with the theft, or even suggesting it to occur.

Do these things said by Comey during the investigation sound familiar?

  • Comey told reporters he could not comment on the Berger investigation.
  • Comey addressed the general issue of mishandling classified documents with response to a reporter question, “As a general matter, we take issues of classified information very seriously.”
  • He stated at the same time that the department had sought administrative actions and prosecuted people for mishandling of documents.
  • He stated also, “It’s our lifeblood, those secrets. It’s against the law for anyone to intentionally mishandle classified documents either by taking it to give to somebody else or by mishandling it in a way that is outside the government regulations.”

One other tidbit. On Hillary’s email server, it was discovered that Berger was an advisor for Hillary and had access to classified information.

Rubbish: Once you’re part of the Clinton Crime Family, I guess you’re there for life. Which for some is shorter than others!

Pu: Remember Scooter Libby, VP Cheney’s aid?  He was investigated for leaking the name of CIA person, Valarie Plame. Even though it was found out that another Republican had leaked her name, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerld continued to go after Libby.

From the moment that Fitzgerald took over investigating the Plame leak in Dec 2003, he knew that Libby was innocent. The real leaker was Richard Armitage, but Fitzgerald did not go after him. The reason is that disclosure of Plame was not a crime, nor did it affect national security. Even worse, Fitzgerald had proof that would show Libby to be innocent. He refused discovery requests for information from Libby’s attorney which would have shown his innocence, an action that would be both unlawful and unethical.

Who was Fitzgerald? He was a close friend of Comey and godfather to Comey’s daughter. And it was Comey that appointed Fiztgerald to be the Special Prosecutor.

Rubbish: Imagine that……Comey appoints his friend to be Special Prosecutor who then convicts an innocent man of a crime, a Republican at that. But Comey couldn’t find out enough info to convict Hillary TWICE.

Pu: Do you remember the Clinton pardon scandal when he left office?

Rubbish: That was the Marc Rich pardon as I recall along with the fact that Bill pardoned so many on his last day in office. Comey again?

Pu: Yep. Comey found that many of the pardon recipients, including Rich, had donated to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign and also to Clinton’s presidential library. In one case, it was two clients of Hillary’s brother who received $107,000 in payments for services rendered. And, of course, Comey found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

Rubbish: Go figure. Now it makes sense how Comey could have a finding in favor of Hillary in Email-gate. He was covering for the Clintons like he has done time and again.

Pu: Yep. President Trump should have fired him the day he took office.

Rubbish: Amen, brother! Amen!

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