Almost Certainly Fake News!

I heard a vicious rumor this weekend that can only be fake news — I think. As you know, there was a dust-up between UK Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs and the Republican candidate Greg Gianforte in Montana. Anonymous sources have been spreading the rumor that

That’s absurd! Of course, it is undeniably true that the UK Guardian knows a whole lot of Russians and regularly speaks with Russians about goodness knows what!

And then there’s the photograph with Ben Jacobs and Vladimir Putin. So I know what some of you are saying which is that the photograph is obviously a really bad Photoshopping of Ben Jacobs’ head onto another photo. Well, that could be true. But maybe it was done badly so that people would think that Ben Jacobs really doesn’t have a close, personal relationship  with Vladimir Putin. Or maybe the entire photograph is real but was simply altered to make it look fake.

Or maybe the CIA or NSA modified the photograph to catch The UK Telegraph into admitting that they’ve colluded with the Russians. Or maybe the CIA or NSA is looking to turn Ben Jacobs as an informant in the President Trump Russian Connection TM .

Such accusations are evil and inconsistent with our values as a nation. I certainly hope that we can lay to rest any suggestion that

because if that was true, Ben Jacobs could be in some serious doo-doo. Even if the Russians were attempting to influence the Montana election, it might have been that the UK Telegraph was working with the Russians as a means of getting a cheap story and Ben Jacobs might be totally unaware. As an investigative journalist, he no doubt is used to receiving encrypted instructions on a cypher machine that says Property of the KGB. Not saying that’s what happened, of course. I was just showing how ridiculous all of these no doubt fake news stories from anonymous sources can be.

The problem these days is that there are so many fake news stories that it’s hard to tell what

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