5 Ways You Can Declare Your Loyalty For God-Emperor Trump

loyalty day donald trump

The duly elected God-Emperor Donald J. Trump, Lord of NYC, Pontiff of Palm Beach, King of Deplorables and the First of His Name has decreed that May 1st shall hereafter be known as Loyalty Day.  Our Dear Deplorable Leader has demanded that we pledge our undying love and loyalty to him this Loyalty Day.  The problem is we are naught but ants before the eyes of the thrice-blessed God-Emperor.  How can us mere mortal men, women, and children effectively show our undying love and devotion on Loyalty Day?

Worry not, fellow citizens, for I have put together a list of five utterly deplorable ways to show God-Emperor Donald Trump that you do not deserve to be purged along with the rest of the cuck trash.

loyalty day reckoning
The day of reckoning is coming, citizens…

1. Buy at least one copy of The Art of the Deal.

loyalty day the art of the deal

The Art of the Deal is part ultimate guide to love, wealth, and happiness, and part Bible.  It is the very book upon which the God-Emperor Trump took the sacred oath of office during his immaculation ceremony.  The Art of the Deal contains nothing less than details on how to live one’s life.  Within the holy pages of this book are the words of the exalted God-Emperor himself.  Who among us could count themselves as a true deplorable without owning at least one copy of this powerful, visceral, yet strangely spiritual tome of power?

This Loyalty Day be sure to purchase at least one copy of The Art of the Deal.  Purchase ten copies; twenty copies even.  Give them to your friends.  Give them to your family.  Give them to random strangers on the street.  Take note of any who refuse to accept your gift.  Find solace in the knowledge that soon they will be purged in a holy, cleansing flame.

2. Adopt the language of the God-Emperor

loyalty day trump

“Yuge.”  “Bigly.”  These words are part of the holy lexicon of the great God-Emperor Donald J. Trump.  Use this Loyalty day as an opportunity to speak exactly as our savior does.  Insert his holy words into every day conversation.  Repeat yourself, repeat yourself, and repeat yourself.  This will help to identify you as one of the faithful, and will earn you favor in the eyes of the God-Emperor.

3. Build a shrine to the God-Emperor in your home.

loyalty day trump shrine

What home could be considered deplorable without a proper shrine to honor the God-Emperor?  Take time out of your busy schedule on Loyalty Day to construct a shrine to Donald J. Trump.  Be sure to include only the finest items for your shrine.  Many deplorables pray daily to the God-Emperor for guidance and deliverance from the cucked forces of evil.  Donald J. Trump will hear your supplications better when you pray before a shrine made with only the highest quality items.  Ensuring that your shrine is properly consecrated with the blood of a newborn lamb will earn you the envy of all your neighbors.

4. Build a wall.

loyalty day wall

The Wall has become a symbol of the God-Emperor’s promise to protect all mankind from the cucks and barbarians that have overrun the world.  One of the best ways to show your devotion on Loyalty Day is to construct your own wall.  Build a wall around your home.  Build it out of stone, sticks, bricks, or whatever materials you have on hand.  Build a wall around your neighbors’ home.  If the cuck objects purge him with righteous, holy flame.  Do so knowing that you have gained the eternal favor and gratitude of the God-Emperor himself.

5. Grab a liberal by the pussy.

loyalty day liberal

Know this, citizen; liberals are just one of the many enemies of Donald J. Trump.  The liberal hates our blessed God-Emperor, his followers, and everything that we stand for.  The liberal will do all that zhe can to tear down what our great and powerful savior is attempting to accomplish.  Luckily they are easily identifiable.  They are the ones who scream “love trumps hate” while assaulting our most holy brethren.  The liberal will try to hide zer hate behind a mask of righteousness.  Ultimately they fail, and expose to the world who they really are.

Prove your worth to the God-Emperor on Loyalty Day by showing liberals everywhere that we will no longer tolerate their antics.  Grab the nearest liberal by the pussy.  Refuse to let go.  Parade them up and down the street.  Show your neighbors exactly how the holy brethren of Donald J. Trump deals with the cucked liberals in their midst.  Know that the God-Emperor is looking down upon you and smiling.  Bask in glory as the God-Emperor golden showers his blessings down upon you.

Ultimately it is up to you and you alone to decide how best to honor Donald J. Trump on Loyalty Day.  Know that no show of love or devotion is too small to earn the favor of God-Emperor Donald J. Trump.  Keep Donald J. Trump in your heart, and you will never go wrong.

loyalty day god emperor
All praise be to God-Emperor Trump!


Written by Radius

Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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