Walid Shoebat Claims Chemical Attack in Syria May Have Been a False Flag

Assad Syria Invasion Chemical Attack in Syria False Flag

This type of false flag operation has happened before, under the Obama administration. Back in 2013 and 2014, like the most recent attack, the Syrian government was accused of using chemical weapons against civilians. The Islamic Caliphate supporting rebels used social media and other outfits sympathetic to their cause to amplify this claim against the Assad regime.

Then when the purported facts of the claims didn’t match up to the eyewitness accounts, studies, and the like, it turned out that it was the rebels and not the government, who were using the chemical attacks. They wanted to drum up support to topple the secular government so that they can add yet another theocratic, Islamic government to the growing list of Caliphate supporting countries.

Is this more of the same type of Pallywood propaganda? (Edit: The following video is an example of what they do)


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Now Walid Shoebat is claiming that this is the exact same thing that just happened. He states that the media is hiding that the place that was bombed was a major weapons manufacturing depot.

His claim also suggests that the same usual neoconservative (also read nevertrumper) suspects (Bill Kristol, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham) were on the same side as the crowds who were in the same breath protesting the chemical weapons attacks and were also chanting for the Syrian government to be toppled to make way for the Islamic Caliphate.

He states that Trump failed to check further into this situation before he acted. Excerpts from the article:

Two Republican senators are calling on President Donald Trump to take out Syria’s air force as part of a swift and forceful response.

“Hit this guy,” Graham said of Assad. “You’ve got my full permission.” John McCain of Arizona, who spoke to Trump on Wednesday, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said in a statement Thursday that Syrian President Bashar Assad “has crossed a line” and “must pay a punitive cost for this horrific attack.”

But what is the truth from the ground and what is going to be the results of all of this. Here, in Syria demonstrators that condemn the alleged chemical attack shout Al-Sha’b yurid Khilafa Islamiyeh. English: “the people want an Islamic Caliphate”:

مظاهرة في مدينة إدلب تنديدا بمجزرة خان شيخون الكيماوية وغضب عارم على قادة الفصائل

Uploaded by أنصار ثورة الأمة في الشام on 2017-04-04.

But what is the truth behind this chemical attack that never circulates the western media that we obtained from Middle Eastern sources?

Khan Sheikhoun, where the attack happened was a hewn mountain with tunnels and impenetrable bunkers. Definitely a major hiding place for manufacturing weapon supplies for the Islamist rebels on a major scale. It is a “warehouse used to both produce and store shells containing toxic gas” as Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said.

Photos of the place and a video combines both scenes from the attack. The old previous footage from Qatari TV aired on Al-Jazeera TV shows the inside of this fortress which no western media covered reveals this is a major weapon manufacturing depot:

حملة ممنهجة لاتهام دمشق باستخدام الكيمياوي .. ولكن ! || التضليل الإعلامي

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