VPN Usage Grows in the Face of Risky Privacy Nightmare

If people start taking their privacy more serious as a result of anti-Trump paranoia, then it will be the first time anti-Trump paranoia has actually accomplished something useful:

Virtual Private Networks have long been the staple of security-conscious techies, but now more and more “regular” people are starting to protect their browsing. Those who previously just used VPNs on public wifi networks are now beginning to use them all the time.

Vijaya Gadde, the general counsel of Twitter, tweeted after the ruling: “Time to start using a VPN at home.” Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey retweeted the sentiment.

Obama-era FCC rules were voted to be rolled back by the Republican-led House of Representatives 215-205 and by the Senate, also under Republican leadership, 50-48. In the executive branch, President Trump put his stamp of approval on the repeal.

As a result, more and more Americans are adopting the use of VPNs. Although immediate privacy concerns are alarming, this cloud does have a silver lining: people are starting to take their personal Internet security more seriously.

You have no secrets over the internet. People have an incorrect tendency to view it as private, as though it’s a phone call, so any movement to actually become serious about privacy is good news to me, even if it’s paranoid liberals who are leading it.

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