There’s a Monster on the Loose

Normally, a headline like “there’s a monster on the loose” would be tongue in cheek, but in this case, I think saying this about Steve Stephens, the Facebook Killer, it’s totally accurate:

The Cleveland Police Department is investigating a homicide at the 600 block of East 93rd Street. Police said the suspect, 37-year-old Steve Stephens, broadcast the killing on Facebook Live and claimed to have committed multiple other homicides which have not been verified.

East 102 Street – East 108 Street in Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University were on lock down Sunday. The Cleveland Clinic was also on stand by for mass casualties.

In the Facebook Live post, Stephens claimed he killed more than a dozen people. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said there are no other victims that the department knows of right now. An edited version of the Facebook Live post may be watched here. Warning: Although edited, the violent video is still difficult to watch.

According to Cleveland’s Police Chief Calvin Williams police have not yet found evidence of other victims, so it is hard to say whether this guy is actually a serial killer or not. The police are also asking this guy to peacefully turn himself in (good luck). Stephens is wanted for the murder of an innocent man who he gunned down in cold blood.

I have been concerned about the potential for copycats ever since I began reading media stories about crimes happening live on Facebook, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t catch on. Unfortunately, what Steve Stephens has done will put this idea firmly in the public consciousness, so I expect a rash of stories now about people committing crimes on Facebook.



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