Stockholm Truck Attacker Was Ordered Deported, Known to Authorities

Criminal hands locked in handcuffs. Close-up view

One thing that’s interesting to me is that in a lot of cases, the spate of recent terrorist attacks in the US and Europe are often committed by people who are already under scrutiny by the local security services for harboring terrorist sympathies, or known to be unstable or mentally unwell. Unfortunately, these people have a habit of somehow “falling through the cracks” and escape any serious repercussions until it’s too late to stop them:

Swedish authorities said the 39-year-old man suspected of driving a truck into a crowd in downtown Stockholm had been wanted by police for failing to comply with a deportation order.

The Uzbek national, who was detained late Friday, had sought residency in Sweden in 2014, a request the state denied in June last year, police said on Sunday. In late February, police issued a warrant in his name for failing to report for his deportation.

“He had gone missing,” said Jonas Hysing, national strategic commander for the Swedish police. “He was not present at the address that he had provided.”

On Friday, the man is suspected to have driven a hijacked beer truck into a Stockholm shopping promenade in what authorities called a terrorist attack, killing four people—two Swedes, a British citizen and a Belgian—and injuring 15.

The suspect had been previously investigated by security services and had expressed support on social media for foreign terrorist groups, police said. Magistrates have until Tuesday to decide whether he should remain in custody and to specify charges.


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