Brazen Director of “Silence of the Lambs” Demme is Dead

Well, Clarice’s lambs stopped screaming.

Director Jonathan Demme is now residing in the Great Trailer in the Sky awaiting his inevitable Oscar Tribute come next year’s gala.

Demme is best known for the Academy Grand Slam flick Silence of the Lambs, a box-office smash that garnered all the top awards across five categories: best picture, best actor, best actress, best director, and best adapted screenplay.

SotL was only the third picture in Academy history to nail the top quintfecta.

Variety has a longer obit/retrospective here.

Silence of the Lambs was made in 1991 and was based on the Thomas Harris novel of the same name which was published three years earlier.

I can’t believe I have to put a Spoiler Warning here but if I don’t some hapless Millennial Spartan will rag me so:

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

When SotL was made PC insanity was just learning to walk and cross the street with Mommy.

Those of you In The Know are aware that the tale’s villain Villain is the frustrated wanna-be transsexual serial killer Buffalo Bill, a twisted pychopath who uses his hide skinning and sewing talents to make a girl suit out of real girls.

Novice FBI agent Clarice Starling cozies up to Good Villain Doctor “Hannibal the Cannibal” Lector for tips on how to find the killer and finds herself on The Good Doctor’s Psychological Menu in exchange for cryptic clues on Bill’s M. O.

Given the grisly un-pc nature of the story it’s highly unlikely SotL could be made in the same form today.

Don’t get me wrong; Hollywood is all down with cannibalism (Netflix hit series Santa Clarita Diet springs to mind).

No, it’s the Jame Gumb character that would be problematic.

Back in the early nineties transsexualism had not yet mainstreamed so having a villain with that particular quirk just added to the weirdness of the scene inside the gold mine.

Today such a cheeky characterization would comprise Wrong Thought of such Unacceptable Order that the script writer would be permanently banished to a karaoke bar in Winnemucca, Nevada where he would live out the rest of his miserable days in solitude and shame.

It will be amusing to watch as the Krazy Kinkz that made SotL such a monster hit in the pre-Clinton years are deep-sixed down the Hollywood Tribute Memory Hole.

Just as an aside, I’m pretty sure Silence of the Lambs will have Place of Honor in the Pantheon of Movies They Could Never Make Today along with Slapshot and Major League.

Now, what’s that I smell cookin’?

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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