Results – It’s Going to a Runoff in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District – Overnight

With 84% of the vote total in, the results are in for the Georgia 6th Congressional District. The Democrat challenger that the Democrats spent over 8 million dollars on, has failed to avert a runoff with the Republicans.

As of 12 AM EST, as the votes for Fulton county have come in, Jon Ossoff sits at 48.6% of the vote, having fallen precipitously from his earlier percentages hovering around 60% of the vote. Jon Ossoff benefited from a very large win in the early vote totals and sprinted out to an early lead in the overall count.

As the night wore on the Democrat’s lead fell further and further. There was a technical glitch in Fulton County that prevented the counting of votes with the software they were using. As the issue was resolved, over 30% of the remaining vote suddenly was counted and dropped Jon Ossoff below the majority vote needed to avoid a June runoff.

The Democrats will battle Karen Handel of the Republican party in the June runoff, a race that she is likely to win in a district that went to Mitt Romney and Tom Price by over 20% in prior elections. Even though President Donald Trump won by over 1% in the 2016 presidential election, it is roughly 10% more Republican than the country at large.

But the Republicans cannot sit idly by and rest on their laurels, thinking they can win by default in the manner they did tonight, this could be a real challenge if Ossoff is able to put up a fight.


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