Quotes of the Day: Tweet Edition

neil gorsuch

Dan Bongino on Twitter

Dear mainstream media hacks, there is NO question that the Obama admin spied on the Trump team, the only question is the motive.

Rapeable on Twitter

The neo-con vultures are out. I wonder where their allegiance lies since it certainly isn’t #AmericaFirst #SyriaHoax

Washington Examiner on Twitter

BREAKING: Senate sets Friday morning vote on Neil Gorsuch

Senator Rand Paul on Twitter

This remains true today as it was in 2013. Both parts.

The Weekly Standard on Twitter

In January, Susan Rice Assured NPR the Obama Admin Removed Chemical Weapons From Syria

?????TruthRocks?? ?? QFDed on Twitter


?? ❌Cris ❌?? on Twitter

Notice how we’ve stop talking about #SusanRice #SyriaHoax


Tebow homers in first minor league at-bat!

Derek on Twitter


Lee Stranahan on Twitter

To @realDonaldTrump As a supporter, I call on you to remove Dina Powell from the White House for her ties to Valerie Jarrett and Teneo.


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rex tillerson traitor putin

Traitor Rex Tillerson To Meet With Russians NEXT WEEK

john mccain syria

WHY is Trump Attacking Syria after Saying they have Accepted the Political Reality of Assad?