Samsung preorders indicate that the public is in a forgiving mood

In spite of the exploding Note 7 debacle, it appears the public has quickly forgiven Samsung in its endless quest to own the fanciest and most impressive smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone has a new curved bezel-less display and has generated massive hype ahead of its release. I had my doubts as to whether the fallout from the exploding smartphones would pass so quickly and easily – I myself would have trouble trusting a company that made a faulty product like that so easily – but this doesn’t seem to be a widely shared sentiment:

Samsung announced earlier this week that global Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-orders are outpacing the previous-generation models. The company noted “strong double-digit growth,” but failed to offer any firm pre-order figures. While Samsung is still being tight-lipped with global pre-sales figures, it has now shared pre-order numbers for the local market in South Korea — likely in part to make a statement to local rival LG, which already began selling its new flagship phone, the LG G6.

Samsung hasn’t announced its exact US figures, but claims that they are seeing higher numbers of preorders for the S8 than they saw for the S7 in the United States.

Google’s new Pixel phone had a great opening here to make major inroads among Android users, as it released right around the time when the exploding Note 7 panic was at its height, but I think they’ve missed that boat given the supply issues they’ve had with the Pixel and Pixel XL. Samsung appears set to make big waves when the Galaxy S8 is released on April 21 in the United States, if these preorder numbers are accurately forecasting general consumer appetite for the product. It will be interesting to see how Samsung’s rivals Apple and Google perform after the release of the new Galaxy.

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