Pu And Rubbish Announce AMAZING AWESOME Merch

Rubbish: Now that we have a fan, Pu, I think it’s time to announce our line of “Pu And Rubbish” merchandise!

Pu: You’re kidding, right? Don’t you think that’s a bit . . . premature?

Rubbish: No way! The love that I feel coming from the comments has got to mean there’s a YUGE market for our swag.

Pu: I’m not all that sure. What did you have in mind?

Rubbish: Well, the guy who was blacktopping my driveway said he had a cousin who did websites. I had to pay him in cash but he did the site for cheap! Have a look: Pu And Rubbish Merch

Pu: My Gawd, Rubbish!

Rubbish: What’s the problem?

Pu: It’s all in Spanish!

Rubbish: ¡Qué va!

Pu: Way, dude!

Rubbish: Well, maybe this wasn’t such a hot idea.

Pu: ‘¿Tú crees?

Rubbish: Yeah, I’ll take it down. Our fan will be soooo disappointed.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

Site owner and bilagáana


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