Ask Twitter How To Offend Everyone In 4 Words – Overnight

offendeveryonein4words feature

Tuesday night saw the sudden trending of everyone’s favorite periodical hashtag Offend Everyone In 4 Words.  A favorite of Right-thinking individuals everywhere, Offend Everyone In 4 Words is rarer than a unicorn and far more magical.  Like Santa Claus, the McRib sandwich, and your ex-wife #OffendEveryoneIn4Words comes every once in a while.

offend everyone in 4 words fake
“Oh come on, you KNEW I was faking it all those years!”

Offend Everyone In 4 Words typically devolves into conservatives, alt-righties, and general trolls taking the piss out of liberals everywhere.  Not that we need an excuse to trigger and annoy liberals.  Making sure millions of people around the world see it is pretty fun, though.

offend everyone in 4 words liberal tears
Plus it provides an endless supply of liberal tears to slake our thirst…

Enough chit-chat.  Let’s dive right in and see some of the best (worst?) that Offend Everyone In 4 Words has to offer.

Well, if you’re going to piss people off there’s no surer way of doing it than admitting to being a straight, white, Christian male. Rot in hell fellow cisgendered a-hole. Rot in hell.

Who says you can’t be wildly offensive AND fabulous at the same time?

Hey, not cool! Harambe was a kind gentle soul who was just trying to protect that poor, neglected child. It’s not like he ever did anything violent or…

…never mind.

To be fair, though, most babies are ugly. I feel like anyone getting offended by this is just denying reality.

Look at Kendall Jenner standing up to that fake cop in that fake protest. So brave!

offend everyone in 4 words I see it

What? That doesn’t feel right to me…

Thank you for that mental image while I try to drift off to sleep tonight…jerk.

You know what? I ain’t even mad.

I’ll take it a step further and say leggings should have government-mandated weight requirements. Take care of that before you start buliding the wall, Trump. Make leggings great again!

offend everyone in 4 words leggings
MAGA indeed, ladies….

Uh oh…

offend everyone in 4 words triggered

Not sure how to respond to that one…

Liar. No one loves Nickleback.

offend everyone in 4 words old lady
Not even Nickleback’s mothers love Nickleback…

Well…I think we have a winner.

offend everyone in 4 words internet

I suggest you get on over to Twitter if you’ve never experienced the wonder of #HowToOffendEveryoneIn4Words.  It really is the most fun you can have on the Internet by yourself.


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