The Nuclear Option And Leftist Meltdowns – Morning Thread

The nuclear option has killed democracy!  Mitch McConnell is a fascist of the worst kind!  Hypocrites!  Fascists!  Bigots!  TRAITORS!

That’s what liberals across the country were screaming as they took to Twitter to protest Mitch McConnell’s use of the nuclear option during the fight to confirm Neil Gorsuch.  Liberals declared the Constitution null and void as they protested what was arguably the worst atrocity committed since a German guy decided to hand out gold stars for something other than a job well done.  All while conveniently ignoring the fact that none other than Senator Harry Reid himself had invoked the same nuclear option in 2013.

None of that mattered, of course.  The United States of America was officially dead as of April 4, 2017.  Mitch McConnell cruelly executed it in a back alley using a gun loaded with a 9mm nuclear option.

nuclear option gun
Probably this one…

I have amassed a collection of some of the most schadenfreude-esque tweets deep from the bowels of Twitter.  Drink deep of these liberal tears, my friends, for they shall sustain you into 2020…and beyond.

How DARE the GOP use the rules of the Senate to ensure a favorable outcome for their side. That’s like something a Democrat would do!

The Left would know how dictatorships are run, after all.

I’m sorry, how exactly would voting for Hillary uphold GOP values?

No…but I’m sure you’re going to tell us in a clear, concise manner…

Oh…I get it…I think…

Are you…are you…what?

I think this video is appropriate here:

Since when does being in the minority mean you have power? Wasn’t it Obama that said “I won,” and “elections have consequences?”

Oh yay, a petition! Those are always useful.

All right, we need to establish just who killed Democracy. Was it Mitch McConnell in the Senate with the nuclear option, or was it Steve Bannon in the parlor with the candlestick? Pick one and stick with it.

Democrats, I know Hillary Clinton “winning” the popular vote despite losing a majority of counties has gone to your head. You think you’re the majority in this country. I’m going to educate you a little bit. When the electoral map looks like this:

nuclear option election It means this:

nuclear option no majority

Man, liberals are going to be PISSED when they realize that Gorsuch is actually going to follow the Constitution.

Sorry, honey, that “dangerous precedent” was set all the way back in 2013 with your boy Harry “My Exercise Bike Beat Me Up” Reid.

nuclear option sheldon

Because that’s a typical, rational, mature reaction to a loss.

Oh, oh honey. The trains don’t go where you live, do they?
In the end, though, conservatives have to ask themselves was the nuclear option really worth it? After all the Dems aren’t likely to forget it the next time the pendulum of power swings back in their direction. Was it worth using the nuclear option to confirm a constitutionalist Supreme Court judge while at the same time driving liberals absolutely insane with white-hot rage?


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